The Importance of Prayer

Here at Source we know the power of prayer, and as a faith based organization it is one of our foundational expressions and tools which reminds us that we can come to God, through Jesus and by the presence and power of His Holy Spirit to be witness and to go beyond anything that we think we

16 Mar 2018


A documentary review by one of our residential volunteer’s, Sally. Tricked is a documentary by Jane Wells & John-Keith Wasson. It’s tag line, “A shocking look inside America’s sex trade” is an accurate statement and as a whole this documentary is not for the faint of heart. It is also worth noting that this documentary

28 Feb 2018

Source MN receives grant from the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

  Source MN is pleased to announce that we were approved a grant from the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota (WFMN) for the shelter and drop in center that we ran in Downtown Minneapolis over the Super Bowl. Our shelter was specifically for women 18 years and older and the funding ensured our 24/7 presence just

16 Feb 2018

Super Bowl Week Outreach and Shelter Report

Purple Light Project Increasing outreach and recovery resources Beyond the Super Bowl! 52 weeks a year, becomes reality Purple Light Financial Goal Reached!! Thank You $300,000 Goal Reached Our increased efforts during the Super Bowl can now continue 52 weeks a year. Thank you to donors, volunteers and congregations for giving victims opportunity and empowerment – During the

14 Feb 2018


escaping life on the streets A book review by outreach volunteer Joy Spencer. Carissa Phelps came from a difficult family situation.  Her stepfather treated his stepchildren more severely than his biological children.  Her mother loved babies but was emotionally absent as her children grew.  There were also just too many kids in a crowded household. 

07 Feb 2018

Is It a Choice?

by Maja Neumann / Source anti-trafficking volunteer (The opinions in this piece are a reflection of one persons work in the anti trafficking movement here at Source. As an organization we want to keep the conversation open and are thankful for those who have created pieces of interest like this and are involved in our

09 Jan 2018

GIRLS LIKE US by Rachel Llyod

A book review by outreach volunteer Joy Spencer Rachel Lloyd’s memoir about a life of sexual exploitation is not for the faint of heart.  Often in excruciating detail she explains what life is like for “girls like us.”  She tells her readers how girls as young as eleven are drawn into a life that is

08 Jan 2018

There’s a what in the Fall Out?

Joshua Denelsbeck is our Outreach Coordinator here at Source. He has been running the community meal for several years now and was recently amazed at how God used an online game to draw some kids to the Fall Out building one Wednesday evening. “It was amazing how this small group of kids ended up sticking their heads

18 Dec 2017

More than just a Meal

December saw a church small group from Wooddale Church, Loring Park come together and provide our community meal. Lois, Rose, Dan, Kathryn, Kerri, Ryan and Bill all served our local community and brought a warmth of service to the kids and adults that all descend on the Fall Out on Stevens Avenue on a Wednesday evening. “We

18 Dec 2017

A Place to Call Home

The renovation of our Annex.  Over the last couple of months there have been a team of volunteers renovating the Source Annex. From interior designers to painters and decorators, artists and photographers to members of the community lending their skills to installing all the blinds. It has been a big job, but the finished results

11 Dec 2017

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