The Purple Light Project

Many hours of preparation and training went into the months that led up to the Super Bowl. Read our report on the emergency shelter & online outreach work that we were able to be provide during the week of the Super Bowl.

Register for this required Outreach Training if you are interested in joining an Online Outreach Team, a Recovery Support Team or starting an Online Outreach Team in your church. Check dates and RSVP Here. If you have completed training and wish to join our team, please email to request an application.

The Purple Light Vision

In February the Super Bowl is coming to Minneapolis. It’s going to be one big party and a huge boost to many businesses. Unfortunately, it won’t be fun for everyone and business won’t be the only thing that increases.

The Super Bowl will bring a surge in sex trafficking and prostitution. And after the party is over, the local culture of trafficking and victimization will go forward at a significantly higher rate as a result.

Minnesota is already considered a national hot spot for Sex Trafficking and prostitution. The age of girls entry trafficking is often as young as 11-13 with homeless youth often targeted within 48 hours. Last year every county in MN saw trafficking charges.

Most of these women and girls want to get out. They want a better life but are faced with incredible obstacles. Opportunities and recovery resources remain a desperate need. They deserve a chance to regain their autonomy and their dignity.

The Purple Light  is a beacon of hope to women trafficked here in Minnesota. It’s a sign that there are caring people who can help and this community isn’t shutting their eyes to women in need – they’re creating opportunities to empower women and protect young girls.

The objective of The Purple Light Project is to increase opportunities and recovery resources for trafficking victims. This includes Online Outreach Teams, Recovery Support Team, Resources, Transitional Home Beds, Awareness and a Network of local church online outreach teams.

Email for more information as well.

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