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A documentary review by one of our residential volunteer’s, Sally.

Tricked is a documentary by Jane Wells & John-Keith Wasson. It’s tag line, “A shocking look inside America’s sex trade” is an accurate statement and as a whole this documentary is not for the faint of heart. It is also worth noting that this documentary is not one for our male supporters or those who are sensitive towards images of abuse and graphic sexual content.

Filtered with moving accounts from law enforcement, harrowing testimony from active pimps, moving stories from women who have been trafficked and have spent time in the life and men who, without shame, buy women. It is a full body of work that can leave you spinning.

Tricked is a fast moving documentary. There is a diverse spectrum of opinion and insight throughout. It highlights the tragedy of modern-day slavery and how it is alive and well in the USA.

As a young Christian woman I am struck by how intense this documentary is. I think that there are a number of other documentaries out there that can convey many of the themes without as much visual content. As an RV (residential volunteer) I am aware of the many issues surrounding trafficking. This documentary helped me more deeply understand the nature of the sex industry and how the mindset of all parties work. I was left a little in shock by some of the parties attitudes but I was thankful for the work that went into this and the insight that this documentary gave me. I was left praying for mercy and grace as so many are caught in the vicious cycle of this industry.

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