Azariah On Mission

Azariah On Mission: – Mission Year Stage 2
Spring/Summer ’24

Bible Course & Paris Olympic Outreach

After my fall/winter YWAM DTS in Switzerland/Madagascar, I am returning to Europe to study the Bible and bring the Gospel to the nations at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

 Leaving in April for a YWAM Bible Course & Paris Olympic Outreach

        – Finance Goal: I am praying for $9,000 for my Stage 2 of my mission year – Spring/Summer

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           I am currently in the middle of a Gap year dedicated to learning more about God’s love and missions. After spending the Fall/Winter in at the Lausanne Switzerland YWAM Base and Madagascar, I will next be do a Bible Course in Lausanne and then a outreach to the Paris Olympics (Before starting college in the fall of ’24).

Madagascar Village

Fall/Winter: Switzerland and Madagascar

   I spent three months in Switzerland, receiving training and lectures every day about topics, such as the character and nature of God, hearing God’s voice, and family/relationships. Then I went with the team of thirteen other people, including two leaders, to Madagascar. We spent two months there doing everything from visiting orphanages and prisons, to visiting schools and speaking in churches, to riding helicopters to villages that cannot be reached by car and sharing our testimonies on the radio. It has been a very impactful experience in my life, both in gaining life experience, and in my relationship with God. 

Thank You For Your Prayers

   I want to thank you so much for praying for me and for supporting me. After I came back from Madagascar, my brother and my dad flew in for my graduation in Switzerland. We then traveled to Amsterdam together where I showed symptoms of typhoid fever. It was really rough for a while, and I was very dehydrated and got a fever of up to 104. But once we got to the hospital, the doctors gave us some antibiotics and I started to feel much better. I’m so thankful for everyone who prayed for me while I was sick, and prayed for me while I was in Switzerland and Madagascar. I’ve started to learn more about the power of intercession prayer and praying for someone else- and I’m really grateful to everyone who did that for me. Also, thank you to everyone who financially supported me. It really has been such an honor seeing people want to invest in my desire to do this program of learning more about God, and doing short-term missions. Thank you all.


   The Bible Course will be through YWAM, the organization that I just did the missions program through, and will be three months, from April 7 through the end of June. This Bible school will have a lot of homework and assignments, and we will read through the entire Bible in small groups throughout the course of the program. Also, each week we will have lectures during the weekdays from different biblical scholars about each book or section of the Bible. I will be flying back for my younger brother, Hosea’s graduation party for a couple of days, doing homework on the plane and in the airport, but I am excited to spend more time with my family and be there for such an important moment in my younger brothers life.

   While I was in Switzerland and in Madagascar these last five months, I read my Bible more than I have in my life. I started in Genesis at the beginning of my program, and right now I’m almost done with Hosea. I have tried to read through the entire Bible before, but usually got discouraged, around Exodus or Leviticus. During the last five months, I have read books in the Bible that I never have before. Back home I would still have my God times, and I would still read scripture, but I never quite got a scope for how it was all connected, and there are many books that have more to them or some that I simply don’t really understand. The program I was with in Switzerland did a great job of providing time to read your Bible and spending time with God, while allowing it to still be very much your decision to pursue those times. I also chose to leave my phone in Switzerland while I was in Madagascar. I noticed when I would have free time, I would spend it getting to know my teammates or reading my Bible. There were a lot of solid guys on my trip who wouldn’t say anything about prioritizing their time with God, but I would notice they would get up early just to spend time with God and read their Bible

I am excited for this program, because I am curious about diving into the word of God. I’m excited to use these next three months to learn more about the Bible, and to pursue intimacy with Jesus. I want to know more about what the Bible actually says, and how, even though the books of the Bible are not written to us, they were written for us. Even though I am not an Israelite in the time of Moses, or Paul, I want to discover more about how God has already spoken through the scriptures. And to maybe help other people understand them too.

2024 Summer Olympics - Wikipedia

Then, this summer, I am going to participate in YWAM’s Paris Olympics outreach from July 21- August 4. Each Olympics YWAM has an outreach, and there will be talks and evangelism opportunities every day. Every Olympics the nations literally gather in one place. The Olympics are an incredible opportunity to reach people and young leaders from around the world including countries that are closed to Christianity. YWAM will send out teams daily and engage with individuals with sports, music and art. They will have open air concerts that include Christian Athlete testimonies and teams in the crowds to engage in spiritual conversations. I will be able to practice hearing God’s voice and approach strangers in the street, asking them about their stories, and sharing how God is a part of my life. I will be there for two weeks, and I am really excited to be a part of something like this. 

The following verse from Philippians 1:20-21 sums up what I am looking forward to from this opportunity: “I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

I am looking forward to obeying God and going where he is calling me. I am looking forward to strengthening my relationship with Him, and growing as a man of God. Lastly, I am looking forward to seeking God first now, and for the rest of my life.

YWAM – Switzerland 

         YWAM’s motto is “to know God and make him known”. They have been around for more than 50 years and have thousands of bases all over the world. They are engaged in mercy ministries (humanitarian aid), sharing the good news of Jesus to many cultures, discipleship, and church planting. YWAM Lausanne, is a mission base with local outreaches, and runs several courses or schools each year. They have had students from around the world, including North Korea,  and have been involved with Ukraine Refugees and sending outreach teams out across the world. The Discipleship Bible School (DBS) I will be enrolled in this spring will be an intense three months with daily homework assignments as we survey the whole Bible to learn about God’s character, His kingdom, and how He invites us to share His love with others.

Prayers and Finances

I would really appreciate if you would consider supporting me through prayer and finances through the summer. Please be praying for what God is going to be doing and teaching me in my life. Thank you to all those that supported me over the fall and winter.

Below are links to financially support me and donate to me. I am trying to raise approximately $9000 in total for my school fees, the Paris Outreach, and for flights. Please note that the donation options have been adjusted. There is an option to give directly through YWAM Lausanne which will give you a tax receipt, and an option to give through a crowdfunding site called GiveSendGo which will not. The links are below.
I will have a lot more assignments and homework than I did previously, but I will still be trying to send out monthly updates of my experiences, how I see God moving and what God is doing in my life. If you are interested in receiving monthly updates

So many of you have been such a big part of who I have become today. I am so grateful, thank you.


Azariah Wohler

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If No Tax Receipt is Desired: Go to GiveSendGo Crowd Funding

Azariah Crowdfunding GiveSendGo


Tax Receipts may be acquired through online giving to Lausanne YWAM base. Donations will be in Swiss Franks on the YWAM page.

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Pledges: Pledges for monthly giving or for June 2024 are incredibly helpful. If you are able make a pledge it is very much appreciated.

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