Homeless / Traveling Youth & the Rainbow

  Homeless / Traveling Youth and the Rainbow Gathering. Seminar, preparation week, Art Fest, and Jesus Kitchen Outreach in the woods. Come join us for a night of prayer, a day of prep or a whole 3 weeks of training and outreach as the Rainbow comes to our own backyard, Welcome Home! Jesus Kitchen –

02 May 2019

Partnering With Law Enforcement During the Final Four in Mpls.

Victim Resource Coordinator: Partnering with law enforcement during the Final Four in Mpls – Monday 4/29, Freedom Flights Benefit (tickets available online) Executive Director Peter Wohler will be sharing about Source’s role as Victim Resource Coordinators in the recent operation with Roseville PD during the Final Four. – Local Newspaper Article of Roseville PD and

24 Apr 2019

Jesus Kitchen – Ocala 2019

Jesus Kitchen speaks God’s love and forgiveness to the at-risk and unreached.   Young people dealing with homelessness, addictions, and abuse typically do not come into a church or look to Christians for answers. However, hundreds of the most marginalized are served by the Jesus Kitchen every year. Ocala National Forrest, Florida, along with Minneapolis,

21 Mar 2019

Reverend Richard “Pastor Wohler”

Overcoming Predispositions, breaking cycles for future generations and spending a life being “Pastor” to hundreds. In October, my father left this earth and heard the words “well done good and faithful servant,” in heaven. I am incredibly grateful for many things from my father – mostly that he was a first generation Christian and overcame

20 Dec 2018

3 Misconceptions About Sex Trafficking

By Jonah Broberg, Communications Intern at Source Human sex trafficking.  It’s one of the ugliest, most non-partisan issues out there.  Of course, a complex issue like this has no single solution. Here are 3 common misconceptions about sex trafficking, and why they need to be properly understood in order to fix the problem. 1)     Chloroform,

03 Dec 2018

The Dreaded Pastor


31 May 2018

Building Trust

by Amanda Casey, Outreach Coordinator In outreach, our goal is to make contact and gain trust. This goal can take several months or years. Initially, we often get ignored or receive a text telling us (in not so nice ways) not to text them again. A few months ago we reached out to a contact

07 May 2018

Being a Friend and a Voice

Source’s mission is to be a friend and a voice to those who are at risk and marginalized. Our ministry, the Jesus Kitchen, was able to accomplish this at the annual Ocala Rainbow Gathering which is a gathering of young homeless hippies. One story represents this well! “I felt God telling me to tell this

22 Mar 2018

21st Annual Golf Benefit

With Source’s 21st Annual Golf Benefit coming up on Tuesday, May 15th, we took the opportunity to ask one of our supporters to share his experience of participating in this event for a number of years. Steve and his wife Deb have known about and supported Source through prayer and attending some of our events since 2007. Steve

16 Mar 2018

The Importance of Prayer

Here at Source we know the power of prayer, and as a faith based organization it is one of our foundational expressions and tools which reminds us that we can come to God, through Jesus and by the presence and power of His Holy Spirit to be witness and to go beyond anything that we think we

16 Mar 2018
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