Anti Trafficking Outreach Team

Anti Trafficking Outreach Team Did you know that the Source has an outreach team for Anti-Trafficking? Launched this fall in October the Outreach team was a dream of Anti-Trafficking director, Maria. Her vision has been to get in contact with women and have conversations that allow more women to become aware of our presence as

01 Mar 2017

Super Bowl in Houston

Source Director, Peter Wohler and Grant Snyder, Minneapolis Police Department, will be traveling to Houston for the Super Bowl weekend this year in preparation for the Super Bowl 2018 in Minneapolis. The Super Bowl is an international event that is infamous for bringing a surge of victimization and trafficking into the host city. Peter and

03 Feb 2017

January Prayer Week

Come join us at the Fallout next week to pray anti-trafficking and for Source, and the Drum and Easel. All are welcome! Four times a year we as a Merge family take time out of our normal schedules to gather and pray.  The theme for January 2017 is Psalm 100, the Psalm we have been

03 Jan 2017

December 2016 Newsletter

DECEMBER 2016 NEWSLETTER Community Meals: Making Contact and Gaining Trust It was awesome to have partners from local churches, like Wooddale and Lord of Life, provide us with a bountiful feast for our Thanksgiving meal and other community meals. We served 75 people this year at our Thanksgiving meal.  It is always a blessing to

22 Dec 2016

Thanksgiving Community Meal 2016

This Thanksgiving we had a great turn out for our community meal.  Volunteers form Lord of Life and from the community donated SEVEN turkeys, we had mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, salads and way too much dessert.  We had plenty of food for a Thanksgiving feast with our community members, volunteers and staff members. We are

06 Dec 2016

October 2016 Newsletter

UPCOMING EVENTS Save the date! Source Fall Annual Banquet is November 19th. Click here to register or email sourcempls [at] gmail [dot] com with questions. Come celebrate what the Lord has done at Source this year!   ANTI-TRAFFICKING Residential Volunteer Shares Her Heart for Annex Transitional Home We had the opportunity to sit down with

01 Nov 2016

Fiscal Year-End Program Updates

Fiscal Year-End Campaign details Donate Now   URBAN OUTREACH Our outreach center, the “Fallout” is located in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country. There are 100 languages spoken within a 1.5 mile radius, poverty, and 3 shelters within a few blocks. In addition to the arts, The Children’s Theatre and the Minneapolis

01 Aug 2016

Fiscal Year-End Campaign

$100,000 Goal Our goal for the Fiscal Year-End Campaign is to raise $100,000. This allows us to move forward, secure our programs, and begin implementing expansion with a fiscal confidence. 3 WAYS TO BE INVOLVED Pray: Thanking God for what He has done this year. Provision for the upcoming year. Donate: $100,000 Goal Online  –  sourcemn.org/donate

01 Aug 2016

June 2016 Newsletter

URBAN OUTREACH  “You Took Me In” – A Story from a Volunteer Every year, Source staff and volunteers host aninteractive art booth at the annual May Day Festival in South Minneapolis. We do this to make contact with dozens, if not hundreds, of people. We want to create an environment where people feel comfortable and

06 Jul 2016
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