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Source MN receives grant from the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota


Source MN is pleased to announce that we were approved a grant from the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota (WFMN) for the shelter and drop in center that we ran in Downtown Minneapolis over the Super Bowl. Our shelter was specifically for women 18 years and older and the funding ensured our 24/7 presence just a couple of blocks from the Stadium and also extended into our on-call role with law-enforcement. Thirteen women came through our facilities which resulted in preventative intervention and providing a warm and safe space for a meal and connection. We are also celebrating that all our clients were placed in next step programs on their road to healing and recovery.
The WFMN began a strategic campaign at the beginning of 2010 when they gathered more than a 100 leaders from across the State to create a multi-sector plan to combat child sex-trafficking. In 2011 they launched the MN Girls Are Not For Sale campaign which has seen $7.5million of funding used through grantmaking, research, public education and policy change. WFMN are dedicated to the process of social change around a number of subjects and here at SourceMN we highly value the research they have and continue to do around this subject. As an organization we work solely with women who are 18 years and older and so to have the support of WFMN means a lot to our ongoing work. We are very thankful and value deeply our relationship with WFMN.
In January 2015 as a result of a highly successful phase one project WFMN launched Phase 2 which is set to meet the following goals that will lead to ongoing action and research around the issues of sex-trafficking.
1. Reduce demand for sex trafficking
2. Create prevention strategies to reduce vulnerability to sex trafficking
3. Increase visibility, outreach and services to targeted, undeserved communities
4. Build systems and infrastructure to sustain movement to end sex trafficking
Here at SourceMN we are dedicated to educating and resourcing young peoples groups, churches, schools and community led programs. Our team provides seminars, interactive training and resource booths at countless events across the Twin Cities every year. If you would like more information on how to book a speaker and educator for your event please emailLaura [at] sourcemn [dot] org or visit www.sourcemn.org  For more information about the extensive work that the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota do please visit their website www.wfmn.org/about-us/.
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