Opportunity and empowerment – serving homeless youth, victims of sex exploitation and those vulnerable to sex trafficking since 1995. SOURCE has the following priorities:

  • Outreach: law enforcement partnerships, services provider referrals, street outreach, on line outreach
  • Victim resource coordinators
  • Advocacy and Case Work
  • Life skills and Transitional Homes
  • Awareness and prevention

Source anti-trafficking was named the Super Bowl 52, Victim Resource Coordinators, in 2018. We also partnered with local law enforcement for the 2019 NCAA Final Four. This was the results of working with law enforcement for several years that began with seminar partnerships with the FBI and local police in 2010.

Teens in prostitution, homeless youth, victims of the sex industry and transitional homes have been part of Source since 1995. In 2010, we began our Anti-Trafficking program to dedicate larger services to victims of trafficking. In 2011, a transitional home facility (Annex) was renovated in partnership with 40 local churches and 700 individuals.

From 2012-2018, the Annex served over 35 residents, including 8 single moms and children. Ongoing counseling, spiritual formation, life skills, education, career and parenting classes were all included in the 6-18 month program.

Partnerships with service providers and congregations have allowed us to provide recovery resources that include case workers, counseling, job skills, and practical resources.

In the last few years, anti-trafficking outreach initiatives have increased as we have partnered with local law enforcement and service providers. Source was selected to be the Victim Resource Coordinators for the Super Bowl in 2018. This allowed us to initiate the Purple Light Campaign to bring larger awareness and increase our outreach staff. At end of 2018, outreach teams were coming in contact with an average of 70 women monthly.

Victim Resource Coordinators

Over the last several years, we have been able to put a greater emphasis on outreach. This has included street outreach, online outreach and partnering with law enforcement and other service providers. Our goal as a victim resource coordinators is:

  1. Make contact and gain trust. To speak worth, value and hope for a future free of exploitation.
  2. Help individuals access institutional resources: shelters, treatment and recovery programs.
  3. Stay in contact in the future and assist each individual as they journey through the continuum of recovery.
  4. Empower through recovery resources that are available. This includes
    •  communities and congregations of encouragement and support
    • life skill programs with education and job skills


Anti-Trafficking Freedom Flights


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Compass Series: Working to End Human Trafficking

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