Opportunity and empowerment – serving homeless youth, victims of sex exploitation and those vulnerable to sex trafficking since 1995. 

Source’s Anti-trafficking efforts seek to give Hope and Opportunity to those who have been affected by sexual exploitation. We offer Hope by showing God’s redeeming love and forgiveness that He has to offer those who are affected by trafficking. We offer Opportunity by offering recovery resources.

Anti-trafficking outreach initiatives include Women’s Drop-In, homeless encampment meals, street outreach, Victim Resource Coordinators, case-work, rescue operations with local law enforcement, referrals, and Supportive/Transitional Housing Program.

Trafficking in our own back yard is a reality. The average age of entry is under 15 in America. Homeless youth (MN #1 per capita), 18-year old’s aging out of foster care (over 50% become homeless in the USA before the age of 19), undocumented immigrants and families under the poverty line are our most vulnerable. Trafficking is not just an urban issue as every county in MN has trafficking charges annually. Police departments do not have the manpower to have departments dedicated to fight trafficking. The Sex industry continues to be a multi-billion-dollar industry. Most victims are unaware that life could ever change for them, not knowing of any options to get out.  They are unaware that life could be free of victimization or that anyone would want to help them.

Part of the 2020 Mpls Unrest resulted in a summer of food, unemployment and a homeless crisis. The homeless were allowed to stay in city parks for the first time which resulted in large encampments (some over 300 tents), out of control drug usage, violent crimes, gangs being empowered, defund police movement, women victimization and an increase of trafficking. The city will continue to struggle to recover for many years which will result in more victimization of women.

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Source Empowerment

  • Provide physical needs for the moment – Help keep safe for today
  • Voice Hope for a Future – God cares and loves you
  • Recovery Resources for life-long stability – Case workers and supportive living

Women’s Drop-In Hours throughout the week allow include access to case-workers, resources, hygiene products, showers, laundry, meals and a place to rest and take a nap. The combination of 1) outreach and rescue operations <freedom flights link>, 2) referrals from law enforcement, congregations and service providers and 3) Women’s drop-in allows Source to be available and accessible for victims and survivors to return for help at their own comfort level.

Case workers, supportive living and residential programs are essential for victims that desire to get out and stay out. Many victims have little to no resources and are completely dependent on predators or the systems of the sex industry.

Source has provided supportive living and residential programs since 1995. The Annex Transitional Home opened in 2012 and has seen over 50 residents, including 9 single mothers and children.

Source is currently helping those who are in the sex trade or who have been affected by it. We have a wide range of connections to resources in our community. We are also available to guide and help those who need to confront someone who is being trafficked or has a potential for being trafficked. At Source, we believe that everyone can be free from trafficking, and we seek to provide resources to help individuals leave trafficking situations. 


Our Anti-trafficking History

Since 1995, Source has worked with teens and adults experiencing homelessness, victims of the sex industry, and has offered transitional homes for those affected. In 2010, Source began an Anti-Trafficking program to dedicate larger services to victims of trafficking. In 2011, a transitional home facility, called the Annex, was renovated in partnership with 40 local churches and 700 individuals.

Since 2012, the Annex served over 50 residents, including 9 single moms and children. This program included a 6 to18 month program to help with ongoing counseling, spiritual formation, life skills, education, and so much more. Source’s partnerships with service providers and congregations allowed us to provide recovery resources that included case management, counseling, job skills, and practical resources for the residents that came through the program.

In 2018, Source was selected to be the Victim Resource Coordinators for the Super Bowl. This allowed us to initiate the Purple Light Campaign to bring greater awareness and to increase our outreach staff. Source also partnered with local law enforcement for the 2019 NCAA Final Four. These two opportunities were the result of working with local law enforcement for several years that began with seminar partnerships with the FBI and local police in 2010. Rescue operations with law enforcement, including Freedom Flights (see video link) allowed Source advocacy teams to have meaningful interactions with victims who were not aware of opportunities to get out of the lifestyle.

Covid has provided several challenges for Anti-Trafficking. In 2020, we continued the program by providing Supportive Living Program for at-risk women and survivors of trafficking, giving residents a safe and affordable place to live in a supportive community to assist in recovery and building healthy foundations. Supportive community, access to resources, volunteering and accountability are all included in our programs. Single moms with children, women in out-patient treatment, 18 years old’s directly out of foster care, initial housing for immigrant refugees, survivors with past criminal records and homelessness have all been included in our residential program during Covid.

In 2022, we continue Anti-Trafficking Outreach through Women’s Drop-In, homeless encampment meals, street outreach and referrals. We hope to see Rescue Operations with local law enforcement begin again with the decrease of Covid restrictions. We will also be adding to our Supportive Living Program and re-stablishing our Annex Transitional Home Program. Plus, we are announcing our plans to expand our residential programing with Safe Haven that we are beginning to secure funding for.


Support Source Anti-trafficking


Anti-Trafficking Freedom Flights


Freedom Flights: A Conversation with Officers

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Compass Series: Working to End Human Trafficking

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