June 2024 Update

Summer Begins with 14 La Fuente Church Baptisms!

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“I want to grow in my faith.”
La Fuente Vineyard, a Latino Church lead by Source Staff Fernando and Mally baptized 14 men and women. These individuals have come in contact and built trust through homeless outreach. The women’s drop-in center and the food shelf this last year. They learned about God’s love and forgiveness through pastoral prayer and conversations with staff, then grew through Alpha, weekly Bible discussion and La Fuente Sunday services. Some are new to our country and others have found themselves in great need this last year.

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Jamal Mitchell

Jamal Mitchell was shot and killed May 30th, in the line of duty near a homeless encampment we serve weekly a few blocks from the Source Community Center. Jamal was a father and a hero recognized last year for saving two elderly people from a burning building. He joined the force after 2020 amidst rough conditions with a heart to make a difference. Please remember his family during this time.

Law Enforcement: Dedicated Partners are Making a Difference

This month we want to recognize the incredible work police officers and law enforcement do to serve the marginalized. Amidst the increase of crime and violence since 2020 they are asked to do more than ever as Minneapolis remains the lowest for officers per capita in the nation. We have experienced the officers as being professional, caring and respectful.

Sex-Trafficking Rescue Operations & Referrals

Source has a 20-year history of working with law enforcement. These have included being Victim Resource Coordinator for Super Bowl 52, rescue operations and referrals to our Women’s Drop-in.

“We trust Source because we know them and work with them,” Minneapolis Police Sargent on Super Bowl Committee

We listen to stories often from new female immigrants desperate for jobs. They are offered cash to come clean for a day resulting in being lured to a place where they are taken advantage of or abused. Source hosted an awareness gathering where police advocates shared how to stay safe and identify predators.

Praying w-Homeless

Homeless Outreach

Homeless encampments have become a big part of the South Minneapolis landscape since 2020. Officers know and trust Source outreach teams. Minneapolis Police will make Source aware and request us to be present when an encampment is being dispersed. Our team has built trust with the homeless and when situations escalate, they request our assistance.

Trafficking Awareness for Homeless Women and Immigrants

Minneapolis officers joined Source staff and shared how to Identify predators and how to stay safe.

“It’s good to meet the police and know I can trust them.”

Blue Lounge

Source partners Minneapolis Police Chaplains, Mike and Roxie Lynch of Ally Force Ministries to offer much needed pastoral counsel and prayers for officers. The Blue Lounge is located in a Source building and allows them to be available and accessible to officers.

Homeless Family Seeks Practical Needs (Opportunity) and Finds Hope in God’s Love and Forgiveness

“We came for food and found a family of God and a place to live.”

Source Programs provide for people in need and allow them to seek faith when they are ready. New families and individuals without shelter or employment continue to grow in numbers. 

Of the 500-700 families we serve at our weekly Food Shelf, about 50 are first time recipients. Our three common questions are 1) Do you understand how to get food, 2) How has this last year been and 3) Can we pray for you? The “Solas” family is a new family of four, including two girls ages 5 and 9. They told us their situation was very difficult. When they arrived in Minnesota and things didn’t go as planned. There was no work, and they were at risk of being placed out of their house. We prayed together and they were very thankful.

The next day they attended our Community Meal & Bible Discussion. They came and started to connect with other people and seemed eager to learn about God’s love and forgiveness from the Bible.

Soon after they were told they had to leave their place of residence in just a few days. The wife came to the Women’s Drop-In Hours. Along with having access to showers, laundry, food and hygiene products, they also connected with Source’s Case Worker, Krissie. At that moment with no place to sleep and we were able to help them find a shelter for the whole family.

The next Sunday they came to La Fuente Church and shared the good news that they now had a shelter where they could have temporary protection and were not in the street. On the day of the baptisms, they came and they said they were better and happy to find a church and a place where they felt there was family. They have continued coming to the community meals. Now they are in a better place to sleep with the girls for a whole month, and that every day things seem to be better.

This is one of many families we see weekly desperate for housing, employment and searching for hope. Pray with us for these families, for practical needs and to grow in their faith in relationship with Christ.

Available and Accessible

Food Shelf – Homeless Meals & Outreach – Women’s Drop-In – Case Workers – Community Meals – Art & Music – ESL – Alpha/Bible Studies – La Fuente, Latino Church

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