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Fall Gathering Presentation

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How Source is responding to the Minneapolis Unrest

Our city was already being hit hard by COVID-19 when the tragic death of George Floyd shocked our city and the world. After witnessing another senseless loss of life and then the loss of much of our city to arson and vandalism, our neighborhood has been left in anguish. The riots, fires and destruction on East Lake Street have devastated an already oppressed area of the city. In response, we have partnered with other organizations to have a full month of Prayer, Serving, and Art. In the Month of June, we gave more than 100 tons of food and 10,000 homeless meals. The heart of our work is to advance racial reconciliation and restoration. Click the links below to read all the ways we are working toward that effort.

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– Our Mission –

Through urban outreach and anti-trafficking efforts, SOURCE empowers the at-risk and unreached to make a break from the past and build foundations for the future.


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