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There’s a what in the Fall Out?

Joshua Denelsbeck is our Outreach Coordinator here at Source. He has been running the community meal for several years now and was recently amazed at how God used an online game to draw some kids to the Fall Out building one Wednesday evening.

“It was amazing how this small group of kids ended up sticking their heads round the door. They were playing the app game Pokémon Go and there was a Pokémon creature in the Fall Out building” Pokémon Go is an app based GPS game where creatures are hidden across cities and urban settings. The idea is that by using the app and running around the neighborhood you capture the creatures and gain points.

Joshua goes on to say: “It is amazing how God uses everything to draw people together around the table. There was a Pokémon in the Fall Out building and the kids were curious and excited enough to open the door. The group have now been regular participants at our community meal and have brought their families along on a couple of occasions. In the new year we are hoping to host a Somali cultural night where several of the mothers will cook typical Somali food and we will gather and learn more about them and their culture. We are very excited to host this here at Source.”

Every Wednesday several members of the Whittier neighborhood in South Minneapolis gather around the table for a meal. Diverse cultures, religions, social backgrounds and life experiences gather and eat, chat about life, the weather and things that are going on for them. It is a sweet time to gather and a group of volunteers provide the meal and serve.

If you or a group from your church are interested in serving at our local community meal, please contact Natalie at the Source office. Natalie coordinates our volunteers and there are several dates open for 2018 to bring a meal and serve our local community. For more info email natalie [at] sourcemn [dot] org

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