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2019 End of the Year Message

Peter Wohler – Executive Director

2019 Year End Message

Impact, Growth, Foundations

As we approach the end of 2019, we reflect on the incredible impact of this year. We’ve been able to help make significant changes in peoples lives as we’ve led them to understanding God’s love and forgiveness and inherit practical life skills and choices. 

We have seen outreach grow both on the streets and at the Fallout Urban Art Center. Our team of staff and volunteers come in contact, gain trust, and reach more of those who are at-risk and unreached in our community. 

We have also seen the foundations laid within Source to both sustain our activities and see a larger impact for the future. 

2019 Highlights – See more details and stories at SourceMn.org

·       Anti-Trafficking teams: Victim Resource Coordinators with local law enforcement during Final Four and Fall Freedom Flight Operation. We were coming in contact with women weekly.

·       Over 15,000 pounds of food have been distributed through the Community Meals and Food Shelf

·       East Lake Street Outreach: Our consistent presence wins favor with hard to reach people groups. By providing the homeless with meals and through street outreach with Local Police we provide resources and relationships.

·       Summer Fallout Art Fiesta – Block party doubles in attendance (over 700) from previous year

·       National Homeless Youth Outreach served 100’s of meals and saw significant spiritual conversations through the Jesus Kitchen, both in the woods of Florida and in Northern Wisconsin. 

·       Trainings: Homeless Youth Seminar, Anti-Trafficking Training and Testimony, Outreach Trainings

·       Fallout Urban Art Center Renovations: Phase 2 of finishing community room and gallery, 2 new bathrooms and expanded food shelf.


Donation Impact

In 2019, we asked people to join with us and pray for the future. Thanks to our supporters, we reached new goals of resources and donations from foundations, churches, and individuals. We have also seen Source’s incredible leadership team grow to currently have centuries of experience (see summary below). This team will be able to guide Source into the future.

Our Year End Campaign of $100,000 is focused on our 2020 outreach program budget. Please consider giving a year end gift that will allow Source to make a greater impact to the at-risk and unreached.

1st quarter of 2020: We will see impact and growth in the next few months (and weeks), including:

Prayer Bus (mobile drop in center), Homeless Youth at the Joshua House, Expanded Law-enforcement network, and 3 new outreach staff for Anti-Trafficking and Homeless youth.



Street Outreach: “’I know I shouldn’t be doing this,’ a local pimp expressed. Initially, he would not allow the women he controlled talk to our outreach team.”

Learn more at: A Friend and a Voice

SourceMN Leadership ~ Experience & Impact


Source’s leadership has centuries of experience.

Peter and Jessica Wohler: Have lead Source since 1995

·       Jon and Pam Willis: Urban Outreach Coordinator: have lived and serve with inner city churches and outreaches for over 25 years.

·       Ashley Moore: Anti-Trafficking Director: Master’s in international criminology from Shefeild, England. Experience with trafficking organizations and victims domestically and internationally

·       Ben & Teresa Pothier: Homeless and Traveling Youth outreach, Jesus kitchen at rainbow gatherings for over 20 years.

·       Brian Geraty: Operational Director, brings a plethora of skills and over 30 years of experience to Source with a background in business (CFO and Project management with Software development) and Outreach (Executive Director of Fruit of the Vine, and Pastor)

·       Pat Axelson: Administrative Director, doing administration, human resources and accounting lead for businesses and large churches for over 40 years.

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