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Real Miracles and First Time Commitments at the Jesus Kitchen

The Jesus Kitchen in 2019

Each summer our National Homeless Youth Outreach team travels to a national forest to reach out to thousands of counter-cultural individuals at the National Rainbow Gathering. This summer it was just a few hours from Minneapolis in Northern Wisconsin. These “peace” festivals attract homeless youth, hippies, vets, and many travelers from all walks of life, including those who are experiencing homelessness.

Source staff and volunteers participate yearly in the Jesus Kitchen. The Jesus Kitchen serves hundreds of meals daily and includes a campsite, prayer tent, and prayer/worship around the campfire. The hospitable atmosphere often pleasantly surprises those that are accustomed to being shunned by the mainstream culture and have a reluctance to approach a church or person of faith. Many who are wounded and alienated feel welcome and safe in this environment. We are able to see the fruit of spiritually significant conversations and personal prayer.

One of the memorable stories during this year’s National Rainbow Gathering was our interaction with a young man who had an amazing reunion with God. Growing up, his family attended church, but he fell away from the faith after he made some bad choices. He came to the Jesus Kitchen one afternoon when we served burritos (which is always popular when you are backwoods camping). During the meal there was worshiping around the campfire, kids playing at a playground, individuals carving utensils, foot washing, and individual prayer. While he only came for the food, his heart was softened and was open to prayer. God did an amazing miracle of healing his back and straightening his leg. He made a first-time commitment to following Christ and started speaking of God’s mercy, love, and forgiveness to all those in his circle. It was thrilling to be part of his story and our faith was increased as we experienced this blessing.

Thank You, God!!

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