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Anti-Trafficking Testimony and Training session

Fall 2019 is here and the Source Anti-Trafficking Testimony and Training (“T&T”) sessions are starting back up. You can gather with us every first Tuesday of each month at one of our meetings.

Come join us!

This first T&T, we will discuss the recent Law Enforcement rescue mission (i.e. Freedom Flight), introduce Ashley Moore, our new Anti-Trafficking Outreach Supervisor, and review our program priorities and initiatives. We look forward to seeing you at Studio 3 (2601 2nd Avenue, Minneapolis) at 7pm.


Wrap Up

Our Testimony & Training was a fantastic opportunity to connect with our supporters and share about the work we are doing. We got to share about our experience at the Freedom Flight Operation, Street Outreach, and the expanded vision for our Anti-Trafficking program. We are excited to have people come alongside us as we work hard to provide hope and opportunity in our community. 


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