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Freedom Flight Operation Report

For victims, the road to leaving the life of prostitution and exploitation is a long and difficult process with few accessible opportunities to cry for help. The Roseville police department recognizes this problem and decided they would create opportunities for victims to escape while holding pimps and traffickers accountable. This led to Freedom Flight Operations (FFO). At SOURCE, we believe that people are fearfully and wonderfully made, that God does not scorn or reject a person based on their past, and that every human has hope and a future.

Roseville’s FFO team connected with women through online advertisements and arranged meetings with four of them at a hotel room in the Twin Cities. Unbeknown to them, law enforcements as well as our team of caseworkers, companions and Pastor Peter patiently waited, ready to support, advocate, and empower. We spoke to all four women.

Their backgrounds and living situations varied: the first woman was living in hotels while the second and third lived with their families. Some of the families were stable or well-off while others were dealing with a variety of medical and financial hardships. Three of the four women had been trafficked at some point in their life; two were currently under the influence of their pimp. There were many tears of fear, shame, and exhaustion, but we had the privilege of sharing with each woman who we were and what we do. We also shared a few truths: there are people who care about them; God is about love, forgiving, healing, and redeeming lives; there is a way out; we are available if they want to pursue that way out; and there is hope for a better future.

The Roseville PD marked the Freedom Flight Operation as a success. Two pimps were arrested, and four women were able to hear a message of truth and have access to a way out of the life. Officer Stefani, who has participated in several Freedom Flight Operations, told us how significant it is that we were only one door away.

We plan to continue our partnership with Roseville law enforcement and engage in future Freedom Flight Operations. We hope to build a blueprint that we can share with law enforcement throughout the Twin Cities in the hopes of providing more victims a way out.

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