April 2024 Update



2023 also saw: 10,000 Meals, 500 Women’s Drop-In Visit, and 4,000 Volunteer Hours

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100’s Receive Prayer & Attend Faith Initiatives


2023: As outreach grows so do those receiving prayer, first time commitments as well as attendance of Alpha, Bible studies, mentoring and Latino Church groups.

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2023: Record Need Record Provision

In 2023 the needs of families and individuals were higher than ever. Homelessness, addictions (fentanyl), & crime have grown greater than ever in the city.

We see brand new immigrants weekly who have just arrived with little to nothing.

Prayer Opens Hearts, Grows Faith & Changes Lives

“We just can’t believe it! I don’t know what you prayed, but I know that my father is a different person now.” He had been living with this pain and now he is healed! I can’t find an explanation for the difference I see. He is so relieved. We are so happy. Thank you so much!” exclaimed Juan’s son. 
Fernando and Mally, Source Staff, are pastors at La Fuente our Latino church service. Juan had a significant back injury for weeks that was limiting him from work which resulted in significant stress. Fernando prayed for Juan’s back and his hands started warming up. A few days later Juan’s back was healed.

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“I have been drug-free for six months after your prayer.”

At food shelf registration a woman claimed, “You might not remember. Six months ago, I came to the food shelf and you prayed for me to be free from my addiction. I want you to know that all of these six months I have not needed what I used. I have been free, and I wanted you to know. I think that God should receive the glory for this.”

Staff member Mally remembered when she expressed her hopelessness as she told her all strategies had failed and how much she felt she was disappointing herself and God.

Mally directed her out of the line and took time to listen and pray together. In faith Mally prayed with her that God can do what we cannot do alone. “It was so beautiful to see her authentic joy & God working through simple food & prayer.”

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Over several months, little by little, a man met on homeless outreach came to meals, Bible Studies & eventually church service. A journey of deliverance and finding freedom in Christ.

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1) Making Contact and Gaining Trust, and then 2) being Available and Accessible is critical to effectively reach the marginalized. We never know exactly the pace that seeds will grow and how the Holy Spirit is working in people’s lives. We are constantly handing out flyers and inviting people during outreaches to community meals, Alpha groups and church services; giving them the opportunity to pursue more of God when they are ready.

One dramatic story is Phil’s. We first met Phil on a homeless outreach. He soon after attended a community meal and Bible study where he exhibited some behavior that seemed agitated as if something was attacking him from the inside. He became more agitated during worship music and reading of the Bible. He received prayer and he calmed down. He said he was sorry for this happening; he couldn’t explain what had happened. We let him know he was safe and welcome to come back.

He returned several weeks later to a Sunday church service that Source Staff Fernando and Mally lead. He seemed quiet and sat down. After worship, while praying an agitation seemed to start up in him. We took him to a side room, and he agreed he wanted to pray with us for deliverance in the name of Jesus and for him to be free of anything warring against Jesus inside of him. Something incredible happened in that moment, he was able to speak again, He asked God for forgiveness and help. He made a first-time commitment to follow Christ,

The expression in his face changed and he was smiling. For the first time, since we had seen him, he was able to stay calm during all the Bible reading, the final prayer and worship. He was thankful and said to us he hadn’t returned because his behavior that he couldn’t control made him feel embarrassed.

Join us in praying for Phil, as he begins a new life following Christ. Pray for spiritual growth, stability, housing and continued freedom.


Food Shelf – Homeless Meals & Outreach – Women’s Drop-In – Case Workers – Community Meals – Art & Music – ESL – Alpha/Bible Studies – La Fuente, Latino Church


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$20 = $200 Groceries

For a donation of $20 to Source you can give a family of 5 a hundred pounds of groceries – worth $200!

The 27th Annual Golf Benefit is slated for May 16th!

We’re back at the Links at Northfork in Ramsey, MN. Last year we added a second tee time which turned out to be a great asset. Here’s your chance to join us again this year to benefit the programs of Source. Registration is open and early bird pricing ends April 15 – hurry!


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