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Fiscal Year-End Campaign

$100,000 Goal
Our goal for the Fiscal Year-End Campaign is to raise $100,000. This allows us to move forward, secure our programs, and begin implementing expansion with a fiscal confidence.


  • Thanking God for what He has done this year.
  • Provision for the upcoming year.
Donate: $100,000 Goal
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It’s Source’s fiscal year-end! As we sit to reflect on what we love about Source, the first thing that comes to mind is that we are grateful the Lord is the SOURCE of all we do and why we reach out to the marginalized and the skeptical, providing Hope and Opportunity. We continue to be amazed at how the Lord has worked! We have worked with Source for 20 years. We’ve been able to be a part of God planting seeds of His love and forgiveness and we’ve been blessed to be a part of Him bearing fruit and transforming lives. Thank you for partnering with Source! You have been a part of some terrific transformations!


This past year, we celebrate how God has worked through our Anti-Trafficking efforts! As a result of God moving we were able to hire a full-time Director, Maria Eddy. She has been wonderful and is a compassionate woman who has a heart to see women set free. We were also able to hire a Case Manager.
The women that we worked with were given an opportunity to get out of a lifestyle and God transformed their lives! We think of one lady, “Betsy” when we met her she was tough and not interested in God nor relationships with people. When she left our program her heart had softened and she knew that Jesus loved her. Another woman, “Sue” we bumped into the other day and asked her how she was doing. She responded, “I’m so glad I came to Source. I wanted to get out and I needed a change. And you guys helped me. It’s hard work, but I see God working in me and my family.”

Urban Outreach:

When we think about the history of Source it all began with Urban Outreach. Reaching out to the marginalized and the skeptical. This year we’ve been blessed to run into adults who we met when they were in their late teens to early twenties on the streets, or people we housed or provided internships to and they shared with us the lasting fruit in their lives with Jesus. Many of whom now have loving families and steady jobs. God transformed holistically!
America has shifted in the past 20 years. Twenty years ago, things and people that were marginalized have now become mainstream America. We have moved into a Post-Modern Culture. More people than ever need to know God’s love and forgiveness. In the midst of a cynical society, Jesus is Hope and He loves renewing everything! Some of the things we have loved in working with Source over the years is that it’s a relational ministry, and the staff are creative as they reach out and build trust. This year it’s time to return to our roots. After doing Urban Outreach for twenty years, it’s time to hire a part time Urban Outreach Director who can focus specifically on bringing a holistic gospel to those we are reaching out to.
Thank you for partnering with us!
Jessica & Peter Wohler
Directors, Source
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