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Fiscal Year-End Program Updates

Fiscal Year-End Campaign details

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Our outreach center, the “Fallout” is located in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country. There are 100 languages spoken within a 1.5 mile radius, poverty, and 3 shelters within a few blocks. In addition to the arts, The Children’s Theatre and the Minneapolis Institute of Art are down the street. Our heart is to make a lasting impact through serving physical, emotional, and spiritual needs while communicating God’s love and forgiveness. Our food shelf, community meals, and creative events allow us to make contact and build trust.
In the last year, some of the things we celebrate are: hosting half a dozen Art Openings, serving over 1,000 people at community meals, having 700+ participate in our food shelf, hosting 3 weeks of prayer, going out into the city praying for people and blessing them with water bottles, picking up trash, and giving away coffee at the bus station.
The process of our Community Room remodel in the Fallout is going well. We look forward to serving more people in the fall.
Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us.
People have said:
  • “I lived in the Joshua House ten years ago and I wanted to come back and show my wife it. Source saved my life with introducing me to God.”
  • “Source is here for me spiritually through prayer.”
  • “If I was not able to come to the Food Shelf, it would not only affect me but also my son.”
  • “You took me in when I was younger and homeless. You were so good to me.”
  • “The Fallout Co-op is a special place in the neighborhood.”


We do anti-trafficking to provide women who have been sexually exploited with opportunities and empowerment. Most of the women in our Annex Transitional Home have been exploited on and off for five to ten years.Their stories also often include homelessness, addictions, and mental or physical illness. That is why we provide opportunities of housing, career training, education, and therapy. These opportunities are one piece of what can empower the women. We also provide a community of support including a case manager who they meet with twice a week, residential volunteers who live in the apartment next to the residents, other volunteers, and a church family.
In the last year, five women and two of their children have lived in the Annex Transitional Home. There have been times of laughter, tears and much learning.
The women we serve are receiving deposits of love and hope. They are being shown who Jesus is. We’re grateful for your partnership.
Residents have said:
  • “We were embraced with love from day one, my relationship with God has flourished and I have grown into a better person in these short months.”
  • “I’m thankful for the opportunity I was given here to start over.”
  • “I needed people who could relate to this particular lifestyle.”
  • “Having this community is definitely one of the reasons why I am still out of the life.”
  • “I needed a safe place for me and the baby. It’s been that and more.”
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