Hope For Ukraine Tour

We flew 55 people over from Ukraine to play soccer at the USA Cup in Blaine MN
and to raise awareness of how we can help the people of Ukraine. We are excited to give
you the opportunity to partner with the people of Ukraine during this difficult time. 



100% of all donations will go to the
Ukraine Youth Refugee Tour and Ukraine Aid.

Tour update (55 people from Ukraine):
Tour Goal $150,000: Over $100,000 donated/pledged,
Current Short Fall: $50,000

Humanitarian Aid Goal $500,000


Join in Prayer

Let’s pray with the people of Ukraine to
see this war end and their country rebuilt.


How the Ukraine Team came to the USA

See full article on Channel 5 (KSTP)


July 7-26 Tour is now complete – look for video and photo posts soon.


The Need

100% of all donations will go to the expenses of this Youth Trip.
Any funds received beyond the expenses will go to Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid.

Medical & Military Supplies
Ultra Sound Machine – $8,000
Field Medical Kits – $200
Blood Clotting Powder – $20
Tourniquets – $50
Israeli Bandages – $80

Maintenance for 14 Vehicle – $5,000/Month
Gas – $15,000/Month Clothes

Food, Clothes, Beds, Baby Formula, Diapers


Glory to God Results

Rudolf is the head coach of the U16 boys soccer team which made it to the USA Cup Championship Game.
When the war started Rudolf stepped in to lead the massive work in Uzerhood Ukraine through the Family of Christ.

In The First 90 Days of War 
$5 million in critical humanitarian and military medical aid including: 

  • 420 tons of clothes, food, military, and medical supplies
  • 250 Distribution locations (orphanages, hospitals, military outposts, and churches)
  • 70 different cities – a fleet of 14 trucks/vans deliver aid and then return bring refugee families, children and elderly.
  • 500,000 refugee meals, in the western region for those displaced from Kyiv and the east.



Join in Prayer



Additional Details Below

Hope. Future. Freedom. “This Is Our Dream!”

“This is our dream!”






Ukrainian Youth Soccer Tour: USA Cup & MN Tour – July 8-26, 2022

Ukrainian unprovoked war has produced a humanitarian catastrophe. Civilians, hospitals, orphanages, families, mothers and children have all been targeted. Ukrainian refugees and youth have had to flee from their homes.

The Ukraine Youth Soccer Tour is giving 13-16 year old refugees the opportunity to come to the USA and escape from the trauma of war. The tour will include uplifting interactions to reinforce and acknowledge the value of the Ukraine youth, as well as encouraging meaningful international cultural exchanges with youth from around the world.

The heart of this trip is to let this generation know they have not been forgotten and have support from all over the world during their time of trauma and need.

The 17 day trip will include experiencing the USA Cup Youth Soccer Tournament along with a Midwest Tour based in MN. The USA Cup is the world’s largest youth soccer tournament with over 1,000 teams from 65 different countries. The trip will also include Ukraine benefits, international gatherings, meetings with government officials, Source MN youth leadership events, church leadership gatherings, professional sporting events, amusement parks and great food.





$150,000 in in-kind and direct donations are needed. (including $90,000 for travel expenses).

100% of all donations will go to the expenses of this Youth Trip. Any funds received beyond the expenses will go to Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid and  Orphanages.

In-Kind Gifts Needed

  • Food (meals for 60)
  • Travel (12 passenger buses)
  • Soccer Jerseys and Gear (Cleats and warm ups)
  • Printing (pins, t-shirts, flags)
  • Gift bags

Source Mn, Urban Outreach and Anti-Trafficking, is a 501(c)(3) established in 1987. Working with at-risk populations, impoverished immigrants, refugee housing, homeless youth and teen leadership programs have all been a part of Source.


Ukraine Aid


Current Update:

Great News – Everyone on the girls team and the boys team now have visas except for one male coach (this is very exciting).


More details will be posted soon.




If you are interested in helping or have any questions, please click the button below to fill out the interest form.


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