Ukraine Aid

Critical Humanitarian and Military Medical Aid

Ukraine Family of Christ Hub: $5 million critical humanitarian and military medical aid in the first 90 days of the war. If you are interested in giving to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid, please email ukraineyouth [at] sourcemn [dot] org.

Recruit funds or actual supplies:

Watch video of Family of Christ Hub Director Rudulf BALAZHYNETS describing aid needed and footage of distribution.
Also hear about the Loaves and Fishes – Bullet Proof Vest Multiplication Miracle

Video of Miracle: Bullet Proof Vest Multiplication, Vest Distribution, interview with Pastor Rudy & Peter

Aid Needed:

  • Field Medical Kit Supplies
  • Military Medical & Safety Equipment
    • Expired Bullet Proof Vests from your local law enforcement
  • Ultra Sound Machine: Wounded Soldiers
    • Ultra Sounds Machines ($8,000 to hand deliver) over 100 are needed
  • Aid Transportation Cost
    • $16,000 a month – Aid stock piling at border


Medical Field Kits and Supplies

Family of Christ purchases medical supplies as military outposts and hospitals send them specific orders. The assemble Medical Field Kits in their warehouse: See list below of supplies needed.

Military Critical Medical Need List:

  • Field Medical Kits – $200
  • Blood Clotting Powder – $20
  • Tourniquets – $50
  • Israeli Bandages – $80
  • Anti-bacterial cream
  • Summer Boots
  • Tactical Bags
  • Tactical Glasses
  • T Shirts
  • Socks


Safety (Bullet Proof) Vests Needed:

Family of Christ is providing and transporting Critical Humanitarian and Military Medical Aid. Fathers are fighting this war in hoodies with no body armor. This war is producing many body shrapnel wounds as bounds are designed to send out needles that go right through bodies and red hot shrapnel as well.

  • Did you know that Bullet Proof Vest in America expire? And once they expire they cannot be reissued. Contact you local law enforcement and inquire if they have old vest they could donate to Ukraine fathers. We hope to present vest to Family of Christ each Jamboree from local law enforcement.
  • Contact your local law enforcement today and help save Ukraine dads.

Sounds Soldiers: Ultra Sound Machines for $8,000

Most Ukraine hospitals are equipped with x-ray machines but not equipped with ultra sound machines, which are critical in treating shrapnel wounds.

  • Ultra Sound Machines: Worried that if you donate it will get tied up on the boarder and not to wounded soldiers in a timely matter?
  • Over 100 hospitals do not have ultra sound machines
  • For $8,000 we can purchase to re-furbished ultra sound machine and within 90 days (possibly 30) we will hand deliver a to a chief of medicine at a Ukraine Hospital to treat wounded soldiers see details below

Aid Transportation Cost – Stock piles at boarder – Refugee Transport

420 tons of aid has been transported in the first 90 days of the war at Ukraine Family of Christ Hub. FoC Hub is located in Uzhhorod on the western border. This is ideal for the Hub to received aid from the west and distribute throughout the country to its network of hospitals, military outposts, orphanages and churches in 70 different cities.

Currently aid is stock piling at the border as some organizations from the west are not allowed to enter a country at war. FoC would be able to access more aid if they had a larger fleet of vehicles, the older vehicles could be turned over and the support of monthly fuel and maintenance costs.

  • 14 trucks and vans
  • $5,000 / week for fuel and maintenance

Vehicles are constantly going out from FoC Hub ins Uzhhorod to the east, sometimes within miles of the front lines. The trucks do not come back empty – once they unload:

  • Family of Christ Hub transports refugee families, children, elderly and disabled back to the west out of harms way.


Cost Family of Christ Hub:
Vehicle Maintenance (14 Vans/Trucks): $5,000/Month
Gas: $15,000/Month

Military Medical Aid Trips:
Volunteers Drive 20 hours to military out-posts near front lines.
Provide $20,000 – $50,000 of field medical and critical aid / Trip

Cost of Medical Aid and Transportation: $5,000 / Trip


If you are interested in giving to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid, please email ukraineyouth [at] sourcemn [dot] org.

SOURCE MN INC. P.O. BOX 8212 MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55408 612.822.5200