Family of Christ Hub

Family of Christ Hub – Ukraine: 

Critical aid and hope for Ukraine

  • $5 million critical humanitarian and military medical aid in first 90 days of war.
    1. Humanitarian Hub
    2. Military Medical
    3. Refugees/Orphans 
    4. Church Support
  • 4 million refugees have left Ukraine
  • 5 million refugees inside Ukraine 
  • Orphanages in the west have doubled and government support has reduced 

Family of Christ Ukraine Hub is a charity (non-profit) located in Uzhhorod, Ukraine has been established for years. They have done a massive war support effort. 1) Hub of critical humanitarian aid and food for the whole country, 2) Military critical medical/food and wounded soldiers support 3) Refugee and Orphanage Resources and 4) Church congregation support. Strategically located on the west border to 1) be a hub of western supplies coming into the country to distribute in the most needed areas through Ukraine including Kviv and eastern communities close to the front and 2) serve the millions of refugees in the western regions as 4 million have fled the country and 5 million remain in the country from Kviv and the east and currently reside in the west regions. Also in the first 90 days over 50,000 volunteer hours have also been given by refugees for these ongoing efforts.


Rudolph BALAZHYNETS is the director of Charity Foundation Family of Christ in Uzhhorod, Ukraine has served those in need including orphanages and wounded soldiers in the western region for 10 years. When the war started he already had a network for leaders, orphanages and military hospitals across the west that quickly grew throughout the country. Their fleet of 14 trucks and vans have made 490 trips in the first 90 days of the way. They are in communication with locations and distribution sides in 70 cities. They organize the supplies they have available to them. Load up with critical needs and deliver them to the east and then being refugees fleeing from the east to the west and assist with temporary housing.

Humanitarian Hub

  • 420 tons humanitarian, food and military field/critical medical aid
  • 490 supply trips to Kviv & Eastern cities (150,000 total miles)
  • 250 Distribution Partners and military outposts in 70 different cities
  • 14 trucks and vans
  • 6,500 sq Ft warehouse

Military Medical

  • 100 tons military field/critical medical aid
  • Supporting 25,000 front line troops
  • 15 military hospitals / wounded soldiers

Refugees/Orphans in Zakarbyaytya (western) Ukraine 

  • 500,000 refugee meals
  • Transporting, housing and serving thousands of refugees from Kviv and the East
  • 23 Orphanages, nursing homes and rehab center
  • 3 shelters (12,000 refugees)

Church Support

  • Network of churches food distribution sites for their local communities
  • Refugee Volunteers


50,000 volunteer hours from refugees displaced from their homes in the east ($1 Million of volunteer labor)

(Over 4,000 volunteer hours weekly)

100% of all funds to humanitarian aid given through

For details on finances and accountability go to

P.O. BOX 8212