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Responding to the Need

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the incredible needs of the marginalized, the at-risk, and unreached communities.



Some of the stories from the past year include:

  • Serving neighbors with groceries and filling empty refrigerators and bare cupboards.
  • Listening to trafficking victims cry out (worried about being deported and punished by pimps) while advocates counsel her during a law enforcement sting operation
  • Hearing a young man’s story in a shelter of how losing his car led him to losing his job and home and having no family support.
  • Assisting a homeless young woman after finding her in the woods alone in the middle of a paralyzing seizure.

These are just a few of the real stories from Source this past year.

Yes, it may be a challenge, but the needs are real. Source, in many cases, is their only lifeline. Who else would be looking to give OPPORTUNITIES through providing physical needs and voicing HOPE of a future? We did this wrapped in God’s love and His forgiveness. That’s our mission.

2019 was a year of expanding capacity to serve, as well as transitions and new staff. Our Fallout Urban Arts Center’s primary programs of community meals, food shelf and music/art events grew with new people served each week. Serving 100’s of meals sets the table for spiritual conversations, prayer and new connections.

The Jesus Kitchen, serving the National Rainbow Gathering three hours away from Minneapolis in Northern Wisconsin, was a tremendous outreach to the homeless counter-culture community. The love of Jesus shined through the Jesus Kitchen and our volunteers and staff.

Anti-Trafficking Victim Resource Coordinator partnership with law enforcement continued this last year. This included the April NCAA Final Four in Minneapolis where advocates joined a police operation that resulted in heartfelt significant conversations, sharing resources and prayers of hope for a redeemed life with victims.

Our impact from this past year creates a new sense of momentum into the new year. We are prayerfully moving forward with excitement in our hearts.

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