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Homeless Youth Seminar Summary

Source MN put on a Homeless Youth Seminar this past June 14 th and 15 th that addressed the topic of the Homeless Youth in its harsh realities and its hidden sub-culture. I noticed that the presenters each averaged over twenty years’ experience working with the at-risk and homeless youth.

In Minneapolis, within 48 hours HY are propositioned by someone in the Sex or Drug industry

The impact from the seminar and most important takeaway included what are effective ways to make a significant impact with teens that are often hard to come in contact with, dealing with addiction, past abuse, victimized and have walls up against receiving any help. Presenters shared experiences, looking at the realities in our culture, how to effectively make contact and gain trust, and how to holistically impact through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

“It was an honor to host and MC this seminar.  I have had the privilege to partner with and learn from each individual (or their organization) for the last 30 years. Each speaker represents both an expertise and experience that you rarely find with this underserved population,” Peter Wohler, Executive Director, Source Mn.

The following is a recap of each session with a link to the Facebook livestream. Just click the session to see the live video recording in its entirety:

Session 1 – Connected Families (livestream not available)

Jim Jackson, Connected Families, began the seminar discussing the adolescent basic needs. The importance of healthy family/community dynamics and the results of nurturing parent/family deficits.

Session 2 – Friday evening – Sgt Grant Snyder of the Minneapolis Police Department

Sgt. Grant Snyder revealed the realities of trafficking and exploitations of this vulnerable population. “The most significant thing you can do to reach homeless youth; is ‘show up’. Continue to show up the next day as so many people in their lives are in consistent”. See Grant’s talk by clicking above.

Session 2 – Friday evening – Ben Pothier – Traveling Youth Culture

Ben Pothier shared on the traveling youth culture in America and the Rainbow Gathering. Click above to See Ben’s evening talk.

Session 3 – Saturday morning – Scott Volltrauer – Family Hope Services

Scott Volltrauer gave an informative talk about the at-risk youths and broken families. Scott covered how community and congregations provide effective safety nets for at-risk young people. See his full talk at the Prodigal Pub by clicking above.

Session 4 – Saturday Afternoon – Anastasia Kramlinger from Youthlinks

Anastasia Kramlinger from YouthLink shared on the 9 principles of empowering homeless youth. See her presentation by clicking above.

Session 5 – Saturday afternoon – Jon Willis from the Source

Jon Willis, Source MN Urban Outreach Coordinator, gave a personal testimony of factors that influenced his life and his transformation. Jon has worked with at-risk youth and teens in urban Minneapolis for the past 25 years.

Session 5 – Saturday afternoon – Teresa Pothier – Jesus Kitchen and the Rainbow Gathering

Ben & Teresa Pothier, National Homeless Youth Outreach leaders for Source MN, shared their experience of reaching out to traveling youth cultures and hosting the Jesus Kitchen / Rainbow Gatherings since the 90’s.

Session 6 – Saturday Afternoon – Ben Pothier – Rainbow Gathering

Ben Pothier talked about the Rainbow Gathering, it’s foundations and cultures and invited all guests to make the trek.

Thanks to all the presenters and all the information that was passed on to the audience and viewers. Our hope is that this will stir our communities to action to address the homeless youth issue within our neighborhoods.

The Source MN Anti-Trafficking initiative is completing community needs assessments and resetting program focus and sustainability to meet these needs. If you are interested in joining the team as a volunteer, please contact our Anti-Trafficking volunteer coordinator at volunteering [at] sourcemn [dot] org.

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