Ukraine Youth Girls Team

Attention: Ukraine Refugee Families

– 13-14 year old (2008-2009 Birth Year) girl soccer players –


Ukraine Youth Soccer Tour

Girls 13-14 year old (2008-2009 Birthdates)

 Ukrainian youth to participate in the USA Cup and 2-week diplomatic awareness MN tour in July 8-25, 2022.


Overview: Source Mn and the USA Cup are setting up a Ukrainian youth refugee MN tour and USA cup soccer tournament for July 8-25.


Vision: To bring awareness to the ongoing humanitarian needs of Ukraine war and give Ukrainian youth the opportunity to escape from the stresses of being refugees. The 17-day tour in Mn that will include: USA Cup youth soccer tournament, benefits, meet local and state government officials, professional athletes, local Ukrainian leaders, church congregations, amusement parks, Mall of America and local sites in the metro area.


Trip would be July 8-26. USA cup July 8-16 and Mn tour July 16-26. Visiting churches, hosting benefits and Ukraine awareness, government officials, amusement parks etc. is hopes to bless these youth. USA Cup hosted at the National Sports Center in Blaine is the world’s largest youth soccer tournament. Over 1,200 teams plus referees from all over the world.


If Interested Contact: UrkaineYouth [at] SourceMn [dot] org 


Ukraine Humanitarian Aid 

100% of Donations will go to the expenses of the trip and humanitarian aid for Ukraine.


Family of Christ Ukraine Hub, 1) Humanitarian Aid and Food to Ukraine critical need areas 2) Military Medical and Wounded Soldier 3) Refugee and Orphanages 4) Church Congregations.


In the first 90 days of the war: 420 tons of critical military medical, food and humanitarian aid has been distributed across Ukraine to 70 distribution sites, hospitals, refugee camps, orphanages and military outposts including cities in harm’s way in the east.


Family of Christ Ukraine Hub is a charity (non-profit) located in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. They have done a massive war support effort. 1) Hub of critical humanitarian aid and food for the whole country, 2) Military critical medical/food and wounded soldiers support 3) Refugee and Orphanage Resources and 4) Church congregation support.


4 million refugees have left the country and are supported by other countries. 5 million refugees are still inside Ukraine, mainly from Kviv and the east. Orphanages in west Ukraine have doubled. Uzhhorod, a city of 120,000 before the war, had nearly half the families leave and now have over 100,000 refugees.


Rudolph BALAZHYNETS is the director of Charity Foundation Family of Christ in Uzhhorod, Ukraine and

is the coach of a football (soccer) youth team. FC Minaj – 16u 2006 boys. His team has advanced to the premier top Ukraine league after winning the 2nd division in 2021.


Youth Teams:

Boy’s team will be the FC Minaj – 16u 2006 boys from Uzhhorod.


Girls 12-13 year-old team

Girl’s team: We are limited on how many girls we can get from Ukraine. We are putting a team together a team made up of girls currently living in Ukraine, refugees and host homes in Minneapolis. We are looking for Ukrainian refugee families and Ukraine non-refugee families living in MN and would be interested in playing in the USA Cup and being involved with the group events.


If you are interested

1)     Are The parent of a 13–14 year-old (2008-2009 birthdates) girl that has soccer experience

2)     Are currently a Ukrainian Refugee that lived in Ukraine before Feb. 24 and left because of the war or are from Ukraine living in the USA


Or if you are interested in volunteering or helping promote at Ukraine Benefits

Please Contact

UkraineYouth [at] SourceMn [dot] org Or Info [at] SourceMn [dot] org


SOURCE MN INC. P.O. BOX 8212 MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55408 612.822.5200