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Recap 2020 summary

Source Mn: Urban Outreach & Anti-Trafficking

Since 1987, Source has reached out the to the marginalized, homeless youth, trafficking victims, addicts and impoverished families. Giving opportunity and serving physical needs and being a voice of God’s hope, love and forgiveness. Serving, Prayer and Art are our calling cards for community engagement. The Fallout Urban Art Center is located amongst 1) 100 languages spoken within 1.5 miles 2) 3 shelters within a few blocks and 3) the Mpls Institute of Arts across the street.

2020 Food Crisis

Covid had already put the impoverish immigrant neighborhoods in an unemployment, health and food crisis for several months. The tragic death of George Floyd sent our culture reeling. The Mpls riots burnt, destroyed and/or looted over 200 businesses on East Lake Street producing a crisis upon a crisis. East Lake is our community and “home” since 1995. Source Community Center, The Fallout, is located just north of Lake St and Nicollet. Crowds were diverted by the National Guard at the end of the Fallout block on the third day of the riots.

10,000 Monthly Homeless and Impoverished Family Meals

Spring of 2019 we planned to increase our food distribution. For several years we had been providing 200 meals and 2 tons of groceries monthly to the marginalized and the homeless.  Final inspections on building projects were completed in March, 2020 just 10 days before the Covid shelter in-place order came. Our occupancy was increased but then we could not have more than 10 inside our building. However, within a few weeks we were distributing 2,500 weekly homeless meals and families in poverty from our front steps and homeless encampments.

200 Tons of Groceries in the Summer (June-August)

Then in mid-May we completed our Health Department inspections and Food Shelf inspections and planned to have a relaunch of our food shelf the first weekend of June. Not anticipating the food crisis that was expanded by the Mpls unrest at the end of May. Grocery stores and markets in South Minneapolis were all destroyed. In less than a week we started giving away groceries, produce and diapers from the Lake Street Kmart parking lot. We have increase our food distribution 15-fold since 2019 and continue to give 30-40 tons of groceries monthly.

Mobilizing Partners

The efforts of 2020 could only have been done through the network of congregations, individuals and donors who stepped up in a short amount of time. 100’s of volunteers joined our efforts to Serving, Prayer and Art to help the restoration of the city. Thank you to everyone who participated in this monumental response.

The City Violence, Crime and Poverty Remains

At the end of 2020, crime and poverty remain at record levels with little relief in sight. This is not uncommon when a city goes through the unrest is has in 2020.

Darkness and victimization has increased and will continue if the city continues its natural downward spiral.

Lake Street ’22: A Two Year Response to Rebuild and Restore

Our physical location, historical impact, and partners allowed us to mobilize quickly to the 2020 crisis. Now the need is to rebuild and restore in 2021 and 2022. As more families experienced crisis in 2020, we increased our food distribution more than 15-fold in 2020, serving hundreds in need. Lake Street ‘22 initiatives allow Source to continue and build upon our 2020 responses with strategic initiatives that include: Food Distribution, Homeless Meals, Anti-Trafficking, Teen Leadership and Art Programs, Small Business Assistance, and Latino Family Outreach.


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