What’s Next?

The Crisis Continues and So Does Our Response.

Prayer, Serving and Art Continues

Through the Summer and Beyond

“We’ve been here 25 years and we will not only continue to be here when our community needs us the most, but we will increase our programs 10-fold.”

Source will continue to serve Lake St, the at-risk, the homeless community, and trafficking victims. The Homeless and Poverty food crisis caused by COVID, and then intensified by the destruction of grocery stores during the riots, is projected to go beyond the end of the year. Lake Street Target is hoping to re-open by Thanksgiving and Cub & Aldi will soon follow.

We will go forward providing 40-60 tons of food monthly. We will continue our Fresh Produce / Diapers distribution at the Lake St Kmart monthly (Over 100 volunteers needed). Also, at the Fallout Urban Art Center, we will provide groceries that include milk, eggs, and meat weekly and weekday homeless meals. We gave away 100 bikes in June, but now have over 200 bike request unfilled as well.

In January, 2020, Source was providing 5 tons of food and 200 meals a month. Our Mpls Unrest Crisis Response has increased our food distribution 10-fold in a short amount of time. We are committed to take this large step of faith and call upon the partnerships of local churches, businesses, and individuals to respond and be a part of providing for families and individuals in need at our door step. Since 1987, Source has been dependent on the generosity and partners with time and resources to provide for the at-risk and unreached.

We will be providing $100,000 of food and meals monthly. We are able to sustain this increase of programs by seeing:

1) An increase of our monthly budget $20,000:
  • Summer Mpls Riot Response Benefit TBA
  • Golf Tournament, Aug. 4th
  • Individual, Church, Business or Foundation Sponsorships (Please send referrals)
2) An increase of Volunteers & Congregations be involved:
  • Homeless Meals can be packed at Source or at local church/business kitchen
  • Food Shelf and projects
  • Installation of Commercial Range Hood & Refrigeration Cooler

P.O. BOX 8212