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Hope for Ukraine Youth Soccer Tour

Sponsors and Finance Detail


Overview: Source MN and the USA Cup are setting up a Ukrainian youth refugee MN tour and USA cup soccer tournament to be held July 8-25. The Hope for Ukraine Youth Soccer Tour hopes to raise over $500,000 in humanitarian aid.


Vision: To bring awareness to the ongoing humanitarian needs of the Ukraine war and give Ukrainian youth the opportunity to escape from the stresses of being refugees. The 17-day tour in MN will include: USA Cup youth soccer tournament and benefits; meeting local and state government officials, professional athletes, local Ukrainian leaders and church congregations; visits to amusement parks, Mall of America and local sites in the metro area.


Trip will be July 8-26. USA Cup July 8-16 and MN tour July 16-26. USA Cup hosted at the National Sports Center in Blaine is the world’s largest youth soccer tournament. Over 1,200 teams and referees from all over the world participate.



We are recruiting sponsors to donate funds and in-kind gifts (food, 12 passenger vans, airline tickets and miles, apparel, events for the youth, hotel stays) to cover the cost of the tour.

  • Individual Sponsor $1,000-$2,500
  • Bronze Sponsor $5,000 
  • Silver Sponsor $10,000
  • Gold Sponsor $25,000
  • Diamond / Corporate Sponsor $50,000


Ukraine Humanitarian Aid and Finance Details

Goal: $500,000 of Critical Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine Ongoing Need


100% of Donations will go towards expenses of the trip and humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Our goal is that this tour would bring awareness and raise over $500,000 for critical humanitarian aid for Ukraine.


Family of Christ Ukraine Hub: $5 million critical humanitarian and military medical aid in first 90 days of war. 


500,000 refugee meals, 420 tons of military medical, food and humanitarian aid. Transport from their hub on western border to 70 cities in the east including hospitals, refugee camps, orphanages, churches and military outposts.


Family of Christ Ukraine Hub is a charity (non-profit) located in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. They have done a massive war support including:
1) Hub of critical humanitarian aid and food for the whole country
2) Military critical medical/food and wounded soldiers support |
3) Refugee and Orphanage Resources
4) Church congregation support.

Strategically located on the west border, Family of Christ has been a hub for western supplies coming into the country to be distributed in the most needed areas throughout Ukraine including Kviv and eastern communities close to the front. The charity has served millions of refugees in the western regions as 4 million have fled the country and 5 million remain in the country from Kviv and the east and are currently residing in the west regions. In the first 90 days over 50,000 volunteer hours have been given by refugees for these ongoing efforts.


Rudolph Balazhynets is the director of Charity Foundation Family of Christ in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. He has served those in need including orphanages and wounded soldiers in the western region for 10 years. When the war started he already had a network of leaders, orphanages and military hospitals across the west that quickly grew throughout the country. Their fleet of 14 trucks and vans have made 490 trips in the first 90 days of the war. They are in communication with locations and distribution sites in 70 cities. They organize the available supplies and deliver them to the east, and then being refugees fleeing from the east to the west and assist with temporary housing.


Source MN is a Minnesota based partner of Family of Christ, partnering with Family of Christ Hub in Uzhhorod Ukraine. Executive Director Peter Wohler visited Family of Christ in Uzhhorod in May, 2022. He has seen first hand the incredible efforts they are doing.

A local non-profit established in 1987, Source is hosting the tour as well as acting as the fiduciary agent. Source will conduct audits of all funds donated. 


Source has urban outreach and an anti-trafficking branch that includes outreach to impoverished immigrant families and refugees. Source provided $3 million of food relief in 2020-2021 to the neighborhoods at the epicenter of the 2020 Minneapolis George Floyd unrest. Source was the Victim Resource Coordinator for Super Bowl 52, has partnered with the FBI and local law enforcement and is supported by partners with over 4,000 volunteer hours annually.

 Currently Source is hosting 2 refugee families from the Middle East that arrived last fall. Source MN has worked and hosted international groups in the past and is connected with several NPO working with Ukrainian refugees. Source is a member of the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) and receives independent GAPP audits annually.


For questions please contact us at UkraineYouth [at] SourceMn [dot] org Or Info [at] SourceMn [dot] org



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