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Real Opportunities and Real Hope – Expanding Resources, Renovations and Renewal

We are excited to continue responding to the needs of real people with real opportunities and real hope. We invite you to pray with us and consider investing in making a lifelong impact for the at-risk and unreached. Our Fiscal Year End is coming up on 8/31/19, our goal is to raise $100,000. This will apply to 50% of our renovations and 50% of our program budget. Our goal is to collect this in donations and commitments by 8/31/19.


This will allow Source to go into our next fiscal year strong and focused. We project our program impact will substantially grow with the following plans:

  • Anti-trafficking program will implement a 24-hour crisis hotline and expand our law enforcement network.
  • A new Homeless Youth Specialist and Lake Street Outreach presence.
  • Our food shelf outreach will double in people and groceries served.
  • Through the renovation and completion of our commercial kitchen, our community meals programs will be uniquely positioned to save in costs and expand meals served.
  • The Joshua House will expand mentoring, serve more people at this transitional home and advance advocacy programs to our community.

Thank you for your prayers and support and continuing to partner with Source to empower the at-risk and unreached to make a break from the past and set a foundation for the future.

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