Leaders and Prayer Gathering

Leaders and Prayer Events


Come join us for leaders/pastors and prayer gatherings with our Ukraine Refugee Guests and Pastor Rudolf BALAZHYNETS. Pastor Rudolf will share both the tragedies of the war and the incredible way God is moving inside Ukraine. This is a great chance to interact and hear first hand testimonies. Along with the 35 youth on the Ukraine Youth Refugee Tour is 20 adults and families that are currently displaced in 6 different countries. Each of the them have in dynamic personal stories of the quick moving events as the ware began along with the realities of being a refugee or living in a war torn country at the present moment.


“Ukraine is in great need of humanitarian aid to save lives. But the hope for Ukraine is not stuff from the west, the hope for Ukraine is ‘ICYC’, Jesus,” Rudolf


Rudolph BALAZHYNETS is the director of Charity Foundation Ukraine Family of Christ Hub in Uzhhorod. He has served those in need including orphanages and wounded soldiers in the western region for 10 years. When the war started he already had a network for leaders, orphanages and military hospitals across the west that quickly grew throughout the country. Their fleet of 14 trucks and vans have made 490 trips in the first 90 days of the way. They are in communication with locations and distribution sides in 70 cities. They organize the supplies they have available to them. Load up with critical needs and deliver them to the east and then being refugees fleeing from the east to the west and assist with temporary housing.


Community Leaders and Pastor Gathering with Pastor Rudolf

  • 7/11 1:30pm, Wooddale – Eden Prairie
  • 7/14 10am, Redeeming Love, Maplewood
  • 7/18 10am, Duluth Vineyard
  • 7/22 Rochester, TBA


Pray for Ukraine Events

  • 7/10 5p-8p, Youth Multi-Cultural Worship – South Metro Vineyard
  • 7/13 6:30p, Redeeming Love, Maplewood
  • 7/21 7p, Grace of Eden Prairie


Church visits and after service gatherings: 7/10, 7/17, 7/24

See public Calendar for schedule


If you desire a small group of 6-14 refugees to attend your church, please contact UkraineYouth@sourcemn.org

General Church Visit overview:

  • a group of 6-14 to visit
  • an information time of 30-60 minutes for refugees to share stories after Sunday service (this could be with lunch)
  • if possible: to show 2 minute video – and have refugee share as part of Sunday main service
  • transportation to and from church is needed
  • provide lunch for guests
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