June 2023 Update

The Short and Quick

  • Homeless & Addicted to Volunteering & Church Planting
  • Food & Prayer: Healing in the Food Line
  • Little Earth Pop-Up
  • Golf Thank You
  • How Source Rolls: Shuttle Bus & Van
  • Ukrainian Soccer Team Returns: July 10, 5:30 Potluck Picnic & More

Homeless & Addicted to

Volunteering & Church Planting

“I was that person, now God wants us to help them.”

Gregorio & Heidi with Peter Wohler

Source has been a presence in the East Lake neighborhoods, the epicenter of the 2020 unrest, since 1995. Heidi and Gregorio were struggling financially, physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Imagine being far from your homeland and challenged by not having a job and feeding your family in Minneapolis in 2020. Gregorio suffered a heart attack amidst the stress. They found themselves without hope of a future or opportunity to provide for themselves when they met Source.

Summer of 2020 Source served thousands of families and has continued $2.5 Million of food relief annually. At one of the Lake Street K-Mart food distributions in 2020, Pastor Peter Wohler, Source Executive Director, prayed for Gregorio and he physically began to feel better immediately.

Then Gregorio and Heidi started to volunteer with the food shelf and homeless outreach with Source partner, Columba. “You know, there are so many needs in the community. I think [Source] is the only one doing anything about it,” said Gregorio. “Especially the homeless & drug addicts. I can relate, because I was that person.”

They were skeptical of church or Bible studies because of past experiences, but after seeing the authenticity of staff and volunteers they started attending the weekly Alpha course and Bible study.

“It really makes me feel good to help others,” Heidi told us. “God knows where he places us. I’m so thankful to our Heavenly Father.”

Heidi and Gregorio have been empowered through opportunity and hope. Opportunity of receiving food to help stabilize their family and then the opportunity of volunteering to help others. Hope that God loves them and has an incredible future planned for them.

As they continue to regularly volunteer and attend Bible study with Source, they have found a home with La Viña Church, one of Source’s church partners. They also are part of the core group helping Pastors Fernando and Mally planting a Latino church and currently hosting a monthly service.


Food and Prayer: Healing in the Food Line

Hiland walking with a walk-in guest.

The food shelf has grown 25% over the winter and we now are serving 400-500 families weekly. In 2020-21 Source spent $1,500/month on food because of Federal Covid food programs. Now we are spending $10,000/month. In South Minneapolis we are the people that “feed you and pray for you,” as we sensitively offer pastoral counsel and prayer. “Always be ready to give the reason for your hope, but do this with gentleness and respect,” 1 Peter 3:15-16.

Come 3:00 pm on a Wednesday when the food shelf opens, the car line stretches for a block and a half and quickly becomes two blocks long. Each week there are many first-time visitors that include families that have recently entered America (usually characterized by the whole family including children who do not understand English).

Hiland, a Source Outreach Partner, comes every other Wednesday to pray with people. One such March afternoon, Hiland walked up to the next car and greeted a couple he had seen many times. They had politely refused his previous offers of prayer in the past. Today was different. The man, who was behind the steering wheel, responded to Hiland’s greeting by motioning to his throat while moving his lips. No sound came from his voice, he was sick in some way. Hiland asked, “Can I pray for your throat?” He nodded in approval, a change from past interactions. The prayer spoken by Hiland was concluded with an “Amen” from the man behind the wheel and he began to speak in surprise and then with joy and gratitude. A Latino man in the car behind who had been watching through his windshield let out a shout of surprise followed by joyous laughter. Some people are not open to prayer until they have a felt need.

This man and his partner continue to come to the food shelf and are open to new spiritual conversations. Join us in continuing to pray for the physical needs of the poor, the prayers in the food lines that the Source staff and volunteers lift up and people experience God’s love and forgiveness in real tangible ways.


Latino Weekly Bible Study and Monthly Worship

Spanish Language Monthly Saturday Worship

Fernando & Mally moved their family from Colombia to Minneapolis in 2022 to be Source staff, work with Source outreach and plant a Latino Church (Viña La Fuente: “Source” or “Fountain” in Spanish). They have hosted a Community Meal and Bible Discussion since Fall of ’22, began a monthly worship this spring and hope to begin Sunday weekly services in the near future.

Fernando excitedly told us about what’s happening with the church, “We have had the opportunity of enjoying three Worship Saturdays with the Spanish speaking community as part of the church planting process. We have been able to see God moving in the families’ lives of those who have come and in those meetings we have had. We are thankful to God and Source MN for the support. We are very excited to see how God continues bringing the Kingdom to South Minneapolis and now we are praying for the next steps, such as beginning Sunday services.” Viña La Fuente has established a solid and faithful core group as the move forward in the church planting efforts.

Fernando and Mally leading worship

The Teen Interns have started their summer at Source!

Summer Teen Interns

Summer 2023 Teen Interns

How Source Rolls


Recently the humble Source MN vehicles got a facelift. We added our logo, taglines and website to our shuttle bus and van for easy recognition during ministry events. Our vehicles can be seen at the food distribution pop-ups and delivering meals to homeless. We also offer shuttle service to bring walk-in clients home with their food.

Save the Date for the Fall Gathering –

November 5, 2023 – 5:00PM

This year the Fall Gathering with be at a new location, the NET Center in West St Paul. We will have a slightly different format as well! Gather at 5:00 PM for heavy hors d’oeuvres & fellowship, followed by a Source presentation, and dessert. Consider sponsoring a “table” for this year’s event.

Mark your calendars now.

Get Involved!

Thank you for your continued partnership with Source MN! We rely on churches and businesses that share the vision of bringing hope and opportunity to our communities. The significance of stabilizing and building Kingdom foundations is critical and dependent on partners who want to invest and be there for the long haul. We want partners who are willing to commit to join us in praying, volunteering (hands-on) and investing resources and time.

Ukrainian Soccer Team Returns: July 10, 5:30 Potluck Picnic & More

The Ukrainian boys’ soccer team will return to the US for a soccer camp and an international friendly match with the Harambee team.

Potluck picnic on July 10, 5:30-9 PM at Blackhawk Park: 1629 Murphy Parkway, Eagan, MN 55122.

Bring food to share and a lawn game!

July 12 friendly match between Ukraine Boys Soccer team and Harambee Boys team at Macalester College. Match starts at 10:30 AM and lunch at 12.

Visit the Ukraine Update on our website! 

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