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Covid-19 Response


We know that the last thing you want to see right now is another Corona virus announcement. However, we feel we owe you the transparency of letting you know how we are responding to the situation at Source and how you can best help.

We are open – and we plan to stay that way as long as it is safe to do so.  We are modifying outreaches and operations to limit interpersonal interactions [Click Here].  Extra precautions are being taken across the board and we are constantly in discussions with community partners, suppliers, and those we serve.

How to help:

Pray with usWhenever a crisis is present in our society the marginalized, at-risk and unreached who depend on a variety of assistance, become even more vulnerable. During times of crisis individuals become more open and look to spirituality and God for security and answers. In the relationships we have developed with the at-risk and unreached we are known as Christ centered individuals. Providing hope and opportunity starts with being a voice and a friend. We minister wholistically, serving physical and emotional needs (being a friend) and through prayer and spiritual conversations of God’s love and forgiveness (being a voice) that is how we strive to be known. For many, we are the only Christians they know personally and/or respect. Pray with us during this time for health, breakthrough, and that we are able to be a light in the darkness of the unknown and fear that is present.

Donate – The best way you can help right now is through a financial donation to SourceMN. Outreach cost have significantly increased and are not in our current budget. Surplus food providers that we depend on have significantly decreased. Modified outreaches and operations including food prep and providing individual protected meals have also increased expenses.

We are also in the face of re-scheduling several of our most well attended fundraising events of the year, we are facing a significant shortfall at a time we are anticipating an increase in demand.

Currently, we are not asking folks to purchase food to donate to our community meal and food shelf. The concerns around this outbreak are creating some testy situations in retail environments, and we do not want to add to that. Financial gifts allow us to increase our purchases from Second Harvest and The Food Group to supplement our supplies. If the school systems shut down, we anticipate a higher need of our food shelf services.

Volunteer – If you are healthy, please consider volunteering. We have seen our volunteer numbers decrease. Each individual needs to make decisions regarding their comfort level with being involved. We also have new outreach support opportunities before and after outreach events. As we move to more pre-packing of items for our neighbors, the labor needs increase.  Click here to sign up for shifts this week with no orientation needed.

Be Flexible – We are modifying our services in every way possible to limit risk of exposure.  We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and making changes as quickly as things arise. Know that whether volunteering or supporting us, things will change and probably often.

The gravity of this situation is not lost on our team.  We know that we have to do all that we can to protect everyone involved as well as ensure folks have support when they need it. With your help we will keep our operations going for as long as it is safe to do so.

Over the years, Source has weathered many crises which has built us to be flexible and adaptive to the changing needs of those we serve. These lessons of flexibility provide us opportunity to modify what we can where we can to make sure services continues to be available.

We pray you and your loved ones are safe and we are grateful for your concern and compassion for our volunteers and those we serve.

If you have current questions about volunteering, donating or other details please contact us.

Since 1987, the continuance of our services have depended on the prayers, generosity and partners of thousands of individuals.

With gratitude, SourceMN

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