FACE Partner Information

Source is seeking local restaurants and business to partner (low commitment) to help families in dealing with food insecurities. Food insecurity is significant for many families and children in our neighborhoods.

We currently need those interested to express this interest by filling out contact information below.

You can be involved by:

  1. Provide a meal for 20-50 people
    • These can be in bulk trays or placed in containers for individuals or families of 3-4
  2. Have a staff person assist with menu prep and/or cooking class at the Fallout Urban Art Center

The program hopes to begin in spring of 2022.
*Note: The grant will provide funds for some of the meals and staff time

To register to be a FACE Partner with Source MN, please email the following information to info [at] sourcemn [dot] org:

  • Organization Name
  • Contact Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Street Address, City, State, & ZIP
  • Website
  • Business/Restaurant Associations


Source Mn and the Fallout Urban Art Center (2001) has been reaching out to at-risk teens, homeless youth, and families in poverty since 1987. With the help of many local businesses and congregations we were able to respond to the Mpls Unrest and give away 200 tons of food summer of 2020 at the old Lake Street Kmart parking lot. We continue to provide for those impacted by food insecurity and are giving away over a million lbs. of groceries and meals annually through weekly distributions from the Fallout Urban Art Center.


FACE: Food Access & Community Empowerment – A program of the Source Food Shelf

Innovative programs that collaborate local businesses and restaurants to meet the needs food insecurities and empower BIPOC individuals. Food to thousands of families and the homeless struggling with food insecurity, delivering groceries/meals to the elderly and limited transportation (those in the most need), employing BIPOC food recipient individuals and teen interns, food more accessible through mobile food giveaways, nutritious meal prep in collaboration with local restraints/businesses will all be included.

FACE to provide over a $1 million of food relief through annually


Desire of intent: At this time, we do not have specific details and dates. We do need to gather potential partners that see the merits of this program and can say they hope to participate depending on dates and details. By currently signing up you are indicating your desire to participate. 

SOURCE MN INC. P.O. BOX 8212 MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55408 612.822.5200