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FACE: Food Access and Community Empowerment

Food insecurity is significant for many families and children in the neighborhoods surrounding Source. Many pandemic food relief programs have recently ceased. Source has secured a grant to bridge the gap and provide over $1 million in annual food relief. Thanks to the FACE program, we can offer incentives to businesses willing to help citizens learn to cook and provide their families nutritional needs. 

Currently, we are seeking low-commitment partnerships with local restaurants and businesses in exchange for advertising to help Minneapolis families battling food insecurity. 

Ways to participate: 

  1. Teach a Healthy Cooking Class (have staff get involved for 2-3 hours)*
  2. Donate meals or ingredients
  3. Help Plan/prep for a Healthy Cooking Class
  4. Be a part of the June Taco Tour

*stipends available for partner staff assisting with FACE Healthy Cooking Class

Here are two ways we will thank you:

  1. Identify your business in an advertisement with a local newspaper. 
  2. Capture and post you Source cooking demonstrations online (website/social media)



Please fill out the form below to indicate you interest in participating in the FACE program and we will be in contact with you. 

FACE Program Partner Interest Form


SOURCE MN INC. P.O. BOX 8212 MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55408 612.822.5200