Anti-Trafficking Outreach Intern

Our organization is determined to reach those at risk and in need in our community. After working with teens in
prostitution since 1995, Source began Source’s Anti-Trafficking Department in 2010. Source has partnered with
local law enforcement and the FBI to advocate for victims and survivors of human trafficking and sexual
exploitation. In 2018 Source was the Victim Resource Coordinator for Super Bowl LII, enabling us to continue to
grow in our outreach to victims of exploitation in our community. Following the Super Bowl, we continued our
partnership with law enforcement during the NCAA Final Four Tournament in April of 2019.
Source takes a holistic approach to supporting our vulnerable neighbors. Through our Outreach Program, we
strive to meet the physical needs as a starting point to meeting mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the
people we serve. Our outreach initiatives are often the first point of contact our neighbors have with Source
through which we hope to convey a message of hope and opportunity. As an Outreach Intern, you will learn the
dynamics of working within a non-profit organization and play a crucial role in our Outreach Program.

The Anti-Trafficking Outreach Intern is responsible for the continuation and enhancement of Source’s Outreach
Initiative through the following:

  • Street Outreach Prep
    • Volunteer Management
      • Communicate with team leads to ensure their teams are planning on attending and
        staying for the duration of Street Outreach.
      • Follow up to ensure there are no new people attending Street Outreach, and if there
        are, verify that they have completed training before they go out.
    • Ensure materials are ready by completing the Street Outreach Event Pre-Event Inventory.
  • Street Outreach
    • Volunteer Management
      • Ensure all volunteers have written their names down on the Sign-In Sheet
      • Mobilize volunteers to make and pack food and confirm materials are ready to be loaded into vehicles.
    • General
      • Be available to answer questions and ensure the event runs smoothly.
    • Post Event
      • Complete the Street Outreach Event Form
  • Community Meals
    • Primary objective is to connect with guests who join us for Community Meal.
    • Secondary objective is to be available to assist volunteers.
  • Resource Facilitation in Drop-In Center
    • Objective is to be available for guests who may want/need additional support in finding or obtaining resources.
    • Tasks to complete when guests are present:
      • Offer a welcoming environment
      • Be available to answer questions guests may have
      • If asked about resources, give guests the option of receiving Handbook of the Street or working together to obtain resources
    • Tasks when guests are not present:
      • Work on Street Outreach prep if it is not already completed
      • Be available for additional tasks from Source staff
  • Help us organize and communicate with our Anti-Trafficking supporters and volunteers
  • Assist with pre and post inventories for Street Outreach
    • Sorting, dividing, and documenting resources used during Street Outreach
  • Attend Street Outreach (every other Saturday from 11pm – 2am)
  • Attend Community Meals (every Wednesday from 4:30pm – 7pm)
  • Serve as a Resource Facilitator at the Drop-In Center
  • Help with administration/office preparations for larger outreach or Anti-Trafficking events
  • Attend Anti-Trafficking training sessions


  • A strong interest in the nonprofit field
  • Self-directed and highly organized with timely follow-ups
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Willingness to learn
  • Desire to work proactively
  • Willingness to work with a program in transition/development
  • Able to support, uphold, and express Source’s mission and Christian faith perspective


  • 10-15 hours per week
  • College credit opportunity
  • Unpaid
SOURCE MN INC. P.O. BOX 8212 MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55408 612.822.5200