Source Staff

Source’s leadership team has centuries of experience.

  • Peter and Jessica Wohler: Have lead Source since 1995.
  • Jon and Pam Willis: Urban Outreach Coordinators: have lived and serve with inner city churches and outreaches for over 25 years.
  • Ashley Moore: Anti-Trafficking Outreach Supervisor: Master’s in international criminology from Sheffield, England. Experience with trafficking organizations and victims domestically and internationally.
  • Sam Willis: Administration Assistant and Marketing Communications, recent graduate of Bethel University, Sam brings her passion for people to assist and serve across our programs.
  • Ben & Teresa Pothier: Homeless and Traveling Youth outreach, Jesus kitchen at rainbow gatherings for over 20 years.
  • Brian Geraty: Operational Director, brings a plethora of skills and over 30 years of experience to Source with a background in business (CFO and Project management with Software development) and Outreach (Executive Director of Fruit of the Vine, and Pastor).
  • Pat Axelson: Administrative Director, human resources, and accounting lead for businesses and large churches for over 40 years.

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