Volunteer Coordinator

Source Volunteer Coordinator

Average 15 hours per week at $11/hour

Source is looking for someone who desires to work for a Christian ministry and desires to be a representative of the organization to the community, building relationships with staff and overseeing volunteers helping them to have a positive experience. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: Enjoy working with people, good communication skills including skills to work through conflict resolution, organization, able to set up systems and maintain, servant heart and team player, someone who prays for the volunteers and has the capacity to care for them.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Networking and Recruitment

  • Working out how many volunteers are needed and for what roles
    • Working with our Development and Community Relations Associate in networking with Colleges and Churches and other fundraisers and events
  • Developing position descriptions for each role
  • Planning how and where to recruit volunteers and posting adverts
  • Interviewing volunteers


  • Developing an orientation kit, volunteer handbook or introductory programs
  • Evaluating the orientation program
  • Presenting or managing the orientation for all new starters
  • Providing training or demonstrations in use of office equipment or specific tools

Training and development

  • Arranging training and education opportunities
  • Conducting performance review or evaluation
  • Conducting a skills audit or organizational review

Rewards and recognition

  • Developing ways to recognize and reward volunteer efforts
  • Managing volunteer communications such as social functions, newsletters or social media


  • Helping volunteers feel welcome and supported
  • Developing and managing policies, procedures and standards for volunteers
  • Looking after the volunteer database and records
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Rostering and organizing volunteers
  • Delegating projects and tasks
  • Communicating with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Resolving conflict or managing the grievance process.


  • Assist executive director and other directors
  • Lead volunteer teams on a need to basis
  • Intern coordinator (depending on areas of involvement)
  • Be available during outreach events

Urban Immersions (paid separately)

  • Coordinate Urban Immersions during spring and summer

Please send cover letter and resume to

P.O. BOX 8212