2018 Year End Report

Year End Report & Giving Campaign

Goal:  $125,000 – Over 50% Received
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Help us see the increased impact of 2018
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2018 Anti-Trafficking: Super Bowl Victim Resource Coordinators

    One of our key goals for 2018 was to not only make a significant impact during the Super Bowl, but also that we would significantly impact trafficking victims for the months and years after. We are seeing that happen!

    The Super Bowl hosted in Minneapolis last February was incredibly significant for Source. Source was selected as the Official Super Bowl Victim Resource Coordinator. The Super Bowl was a unique springboard that gave us the opportunity to run an Emergency Shelter, expand relationship with law enforcement, hire new outreach staff, expand street outreach and so much more!

    This allowed us to put anti-trafficking in the spotlight and along with our urban outreach initiatives, significantly grow our network of churches, businesses and individuals that support and volunteer with Source. As a result we are now reaching 5 times as many needy individuals, (currently 70 monthly) as we did in the beginning of 2017 and growing every month. Not only are we seeing an increase in numbers, but also we are seeing our outreach staff increase. Women are asking for prayer and resources upon contact. This is a significant breakthrough, especially with trafficking victims who are guarded and non-trusting. To read more details of the Super Bowl impact and 2018, click here.

    Source remains one of the few nonprofit service providers and one of two faith based organizations that is in direct contact with trafficking victims in the state.


Our Current Challenge: Keep Momentum Going in 2019 (without the Super Bowl spotlight)

    Our outreach impact to the at-risk and victims produces the fruit of taking initial steps of moving towards life long changes. These life changes always come with over coming predisposed positions and obstacles from the past. The increased impact of 2018 creates more opportunities and need to increase recovery, support, and mentoring programs for 2019 and beyond.


2018: Increased Impact throughout Source

     This last year, we have seen incredible growth. Anti-Trafficking Outreach is seeing 70 women monthly and growing every month. Renovations to the Fallout Urban Art Center in the summer has already resulted in significant impact. Urban Outreach saw over 65 (representing 260 family members) at our Thanksgiving Food Shelf.  National Homeless Youth Outreach has continued to bring the Jesus Kitchen to a transient population of the vulnerable young travelers across the nation, including the woods of Florida and Alabama. Merge Church has been an urban expression that continues to serve young families, youth baptisms and retreats have been a highlight.

Community and Transitional Homes have provided an incarnational presence to our outreaches. 15,000 lbs of food and 4,000 volunteers hours have been a part of 2018 as well. Mentoring, advocate, and life-skill groups continue to see encouraging results as well.


2019 and Beyond: Keeping the Momentum Going of giving opportunities for lifelong change

    The fruit of increasing our impact is more individuals wanting to take the steps of making a break from the past and building a foundation for the future. Our passion is to be able to provide the life skills, case workers, discipleship groups, and mentors to empower individuals to overcome for a lifetime. We currently have an immediate need to increase our support programs for our outreach teams. This includes case workers for non-residential clients (victims still on the streets), temporary shelter placements, staff focused on law enforcement, and service providers support and referral network, Resource Center improvements (the next phase allowing a more attractive, safe and welcoming environment), expanding drop-in center times and locations, network and fund development staff, and seeing outreach staff expand so we have multiple teams daily.

    New staff includes outreach coordinators Jon and Pam Willis, and Anti-Trafficking staff will begin in 2019. Josh (Men’s Recovery and Transitional Home) and Courtney Denelsbeck are returning after a fundraising and new baby break as well.


Our Program Budget Challenge: Continue and Increase Opportunity Needs
    Last year, we had the spotlight of the Super Bowl to aide spreading the awareness, need, and impact of Source. This year our challenge is to be keep the momentum going with our outreach as well as increase our support and recovery programs and staffing.

    Our YE financial campaign goal is to match last years giving of $125,000. We are excited as we are over 50% there. We are so grateful for our partners prayers and support. Please consider making a Year End gift or a 2019 pledge and be part of Keeping the Momentum Going!

To read more details of the Super Bowl impact and 2018, click here.


Thank you once again for the Years of prayers and support.

Sincerely, Peter Wohler  – Executive Director of Source Mn, Inc

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