Wohler Family Newsletter

Wohler Family Newsletter

Watch Peter and Jessica share about 25 years at Source

2021 has been quite eventful. Amidst the chaos of living (just east of George Floyd Square) and ministering in the city, we have felt God’s provision, protection, and blessings.
The Family is getting bigger. Had to adjust to Anna (now a sophomore at GCU) being away at college. Azariah (11th grade) is figuring out colleges, Hosea (10th grade) is now driving, Summer of 2021, Bella (7th grade) is now at Trinity with the boys and taller than Jessica. We also got to celebrate our 25th year of marriage and 26th year with Source this year. Skye being away at college and everyone getting older with their own social schedules, added to us all loving our family trips, the kids all loved the Vineyard National Church Conference, and family times together (especially mom and dad).

Summer Family Vacation 2021:

St Croix/Mississippi (within 70 miles from Mpls). Included camping, Stillwater river boat dinner cruise, kayaking, boating on the St. Croix (thank you Schroeders), The Great River Road, Prescott (where the 2 rivers join), National Eagle Center (6 feet away from real Eagles), and Demolition Derby (Dakota County Fair (Dakota County borders the Mississippi so it counts).

Anna Skye

We all were excited to have Skye home for the summer. She made it through the Covid 2020-21 freshman year at GCU. She did a great job working at Source in the summer coordinating the Urban Ministry Training and Interns. She was excited to return to GCU this fall living in an apartment with friends, having a home church and working with refugees with Global Outreach. Highlights: Visiting friends in Washington D.C., family coming to Phoenix, “I loved the Mississippi trip and going boating On the St Croix.” Azariah and Hosea continue to put a lot of work into Soccer. Trinity won conference (1 st time in 14 years) and both boys received Honorable Mention All-Conference Awards. They both put up with Dad being an assistant coach as well.


Such a hard working kid. Loves sports and being with people. Working as a server at a senior assisted living residents. Saxophone solo at Christmas concert and an annual ER visit with a dislocated shoulder after a hurdle run-in. Highlights: Driving and social time with friends, board games with friends, Mississippi trip – Mr. Schroeder’s colorful stories, “Getting my first ring,” summer soccer team winning USA Cup.


Our deep thinker always surprising us. A year of firsts: He discovered pickleball, marimba, and the wrestling team (not sure where our parenting went wrong). Highlights: Summer soccer team and tournaments. Camping/Canoe trip on Mississippi with Soccer team, stopping in Colorado on way home from picking up Skye – Mountains, waterfalls and hiking all terrain paths with brother. Mississippi Cruise Camp bluffs and Servant camp with friends.


Soooo many words. Bella jumped off the graduation 6th grade table in May at Hand in Hand and joined the boys at Trinity this fall. And sooooo many highlights for our extreme extravert artist: being with friends (Ella and Holliday’s farm puppies), Colorado hot springs for her birthday, getting hit in the head with a baseball at a twins game (well all the free swag they gave her so we wouldn’t sue them), Bubble room, Park & Rec Soccer with Dad as coach (his 18th park and rec soccer team). And her 12 yr old Boundary Water Trip with Dad (and best friend Ella). “Catching a bigger fish than my brothers,” her quote on the last night of the Boundary Waters. And the last morning she did it.


Camping with the family. The Vineyard national conference. Hot Springs in Colorado. Watching kids sporting events. Visiting GCU and Skye’s home church. Cross country skiing with Peter. Washing windows with her mom. Watercolor painting – serving at the Kmart food giveaway as a family and seeing so many friends serve with us. Exploring the Mississippi River valley on family vacation. “Feeling God’s presence and receiving continued healing from TBI and being a Covid long hauler.”


Helping Mpls recover and rebuild, the city I love in her biggest time of need. We feel so fortunate to be able to make such an impact. Seeing tears and miracles in the food line as we offer pastor counseling and prayer. Coaching summer team (some players have been on my teams for 8 years), Trinity Assistant Coach, and Bella’s park and rec team. The family trips, family camping, family ticket to ride games, and Skye working last summer with Source. 2021 felt like the first year I am back to somewhat normal. 18 Months Cancer free (I have graduated to 6 month scans) and Jan 7 th will be Day 1,461 (4 year anniversary of my expiration date). 25 years of being able to be with my best friend and beautiful wife.

It has been a crazy year (really 2 years) in Mpls. Our car being stolen, as Jessica and kids were loading it, and experiencing a shoot out before a soccer game were our own experiences of the increase of crime and violence in the city. Fortunately, no one was physically hurt and those experiences did not define us. We have truly felt God’s provision, protection and blessings. This advent we embraced the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love Christ our Savior and Lord has brought us. This is our prayer also for the City that is our home and we love. We are so grateful for our many friends and family supporting and praying for us.

Have a wonderful Christmas,

The Wohlers

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