National Homeless Youth Outreach
National Homeless Youth Outreach

Source’s mission is to empower the at-risk and unreached to make a break from the past and build foundations for the future. Source looks to serve the urban poor, gutter punks, modern day travelers, homeless youth, victims of prostitution and drug abuse – along with anti-mainstream individuals and emerging artists – all who are trying to overcome walls built by victimization and skepticism.

Source has over 20 years of history working with national homeless youth outreaches, including Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Chicago, Regional Rainbow Gatherings in Florida and National Rainbow Gatherings throughout the country. Our goal is to do holistic outreach by being a friend who serves people’s needs along with being a voice that communicates God’s love and forgiveness. Meals, relief work, food shelves, and creative events allow us to make contact and build trust to speak Hope and then offer Opportunity for lasting life change through mentorship, transitional homes, and life-skill programs.

Throughout the United States, there is a subculture made up of at-risk and unreached youth and young adults. Many of them are disillusioned with mainstream culture and the “American Dream”. They are skeptical of Christians and would never consider walking into a church even though they are searching for spiritual answers. They are a marginalized subculture present in every city and state; however, they may be rarely seen. Their hunger for community is strong and represented every summer as up to 30,000 people make a pilgrimage to a National Forest in the USA to form a huge backwoods campout. There is a strong “hippie vibe,” as many express hunger for seeking love, peace, belonging and spirituality.

For more than 20 years, Ben and Teresa Pothier have participated and led ministries to the at-risk and unreached throughout the United States. Hosting the Jesus Kitchen at Rainbow Gatherings, thousands of meals to the homeless, baptisms in the woods, connecting young people with residential mentoring programs, training outreach teams, and thousands of miles traveled annually across the nation have all been a part of their journey. Now that they have become parents, they are looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges ministering as a family. In this new season, they are expanding their network, prayer, and resource base so they can continue and grow our effectiveness.

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