Food Donation and Distribution Info

Food Distribution and Donation Info

Summer, 2020


A crisis on top of a crisis in a food desert

The Mpls unrest has left a food crisis in the Lake St neighborhoods. The Source neighborhood is already considered a food desert (residents with limited transportation have low access to food as grocery stores and markets are at a distance). The COVID crisis has added to this as many assistance programs are shut down or limited and unemployment has skyrocketed within a population that does not have unemployment benefits or stimulus checks. Now the closest grocery stores were destroyed during the Mpls unrest and riots. Source is responding to the need by providing groceries and meals for our neighbors.


Food Giveaways in Summer, 2020


Fresh Produce / Diapers

Productos frescos y pañales
– The last Saturday of each month – 11am-1pm
– @ Kmart 10 W Lake St, (Lake St & Nicollet in Minneapolis)

  • *Food Donation Drop Off: 9:30am-12 (see preferred items below)
  • Prayer and Worship from local churches 10am-1pm


Food Shelf with Meat, Milk and Eggs

Carne, leche y huevos

– Every Saturday (except the last Saturday of the month) – 9:30am-11am

– @ Fallout, 2609 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis



Gratis Comida
– Tuesday-Friday 12:00pm-1:00pm
– Wednesdays 5:30pm-6:30pm
– @ Fallout, 2609 Stevens Ave S, Mpls



Food Donation Info

Source MN, Minneapolis E Lake St Non-Profit, Est 1987, 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt

All donations are appreciated. Financial donations are ideal as we can access food and diaper banks and get items at a significant discount. Also there are many over head cost with our distribution.

Thank you for all donations. The continuance of our services and helping our neighbors depends on our network of supporters.



Food Donation Times:


*Packaged Produce can only be received: Saturday mornings 9:30-12 at Kmart & if it has recently been refrigerated.

**Food donations can be received Tues-Fri at the Fallout Urban Art Center. Please contact to set up a drop off time.

***Desired Non-Perishables:

  • Rice, packaged uncooked beans, peanut butter, pasta, Mac & Cheese
  • Diapers and TP


Donation Locations and Times

Kmart – 10 W Lake St, Mpls MN 55408 (Lake St & Nicollet)
– Saturdays 9:30am-Noon
  – *Packaged Produce, ***Non-perishables, Diapers

Fallout Urban Art Center – 2609 Stevens Ave S
– Wed: 5pm-6:30pm
– Tues, Wed, Thur, 10am-1pm
– Fri 12-2pm 

Also by appointment


Volunteer and Donations Needed

  • Volunteer times:
    • Last Saturdays of the month: (8:00am-10:00am, 9:30am-12am, 11:30am-2pm)
    • Tues-Fri at the Fallout
    • Email to sign up
  • Financial donations are needed. For Food / diaper donations, see items and times below


P.O. BOX 8212