Jon Willis

Jon and Pam Willis

Jon Willis grew up in a tumultuous home in the  inner city of North Minneapolis. He learned early in life that God is in the business of changing lives.  As a youth, Jon would know first hand about food stamps, food shelves, and public assistance. As a teen, Jon had brush with homelessness as he made the decision to move off of the path that the world had for him and move on to God’s path. Jon started his relationship with God at Park Avenue Methodist as a Youth and made a decision to work for God throughout his life. Through many diverse friendships and multi-ethnic relationships, Jon sensed that God has a strong desire towards unity and reconciliation. Jon went to College and met his wife Pam and they returned to Park Avenue to start his ministry career at Park Avenue Methodist church as a Community Youth and Family Advocate. Being in the community gave Jon a thirst for Urban ministry. God has given Jon a heart to reach out to the marginalized and give a message of hope and change for their lives. Jon and Pam Have been married for 27 years and have 5 older children; their family has been part of doing ministry for over 20 years in the South Minneapolis metro area, and they are excited to see what God will do in the years coming ahead.

P.O. BOX 8212